Committee details


Purpose of committee

The following functions are the responsibility of the Council and will be discharged by the full Council unless specified to be delegated to another Committee, Sub-Committee or body under this Constitution. The Council:


  1. is accountable to its citizens for the proper discharge of all of its functions and for the delivery of such services as it is responsible for;


  1. will keep under review the running of the Council’s affairs and will implement changes where it considers there is a need to do so to improve the way in which the organisation operates, its relationships with the Council’s citizens and the delivery of any services in the most effective and efficient way;


  1. will adopt the Council’s Constitution in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Act 2000 and approve any subsequent amendments to it in whole or in part;


  1. will appoint to the following offices
    • Council Mayor
    • Council Deputy Mayor
    • Leader of the Council
    • Chairman and Vice Chairmen of Committees, Sub Committees and Special Committees
    • Such other offices as may be required under the Constitution or by the Council              


  1. will determine whether functions which are classified as “local choice” functions under the Local Government Act 2000 should be reserved to the Council or delegated to the Cabinet;


  1. will adopt the Council’s Codes of Conduct for Members and Officers and the Protocol on Member/Officer Relations;


  1. will agree the establishment and composition of, and make appointments to, Committees, Sub-Committees other than those which may be established within the Cabinet;


  1. will agree and amend the terms of reference of its Committees and Sub-Committees;  


  1. will consider any matter which has been referred or submitted to it by the Cabinet;


  1. where a matter is referred to it for determination by a Committee or Sub-Committee other than a Cabinet body, under this Constitution or under some other approved policy or procedure, to determine that matter;


11.       will adopt or otherwise, as provided in the Council Procedure Rules, motions submitted under Standing Order No.12 (Notice of Motion) which do not relate solely to a Cabinet function;


12.       will approve the Members Allowance Scheme for elected Members following advice from the Independent Remuneration Panel;


13.       will appoint/dismiss the Head of Paid Service, designate an officer to act as Monitoring Officer and Chief Finance Officer.


14.       will approve the Council’s response to any issues or proposals in relation to local government boundaries including Electoral Wards, the conduct of elections and the discharge of local authority functions;


15.       may determine other matters which may from time to time be submitted to it for determination, either by resolution or through approved procedures, where such matters do not fall within the functions of the Cabinet.



Contact information

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Postal address:
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Phone: 01270 686473