Committee details

Adults and Health Committee

Purpose of committee

1.            The Committee is responsible for the Council’s communities, public health and adult social care services with a view to enabling all people to live fulfilling lives and to retain their independence.  When discharging its functions the Committee shall recognise the necessity of promoting choice and independence.


2.            The Committee’s responsibilities include:

·           promotion of the health and well-being of residents and others

·           determination of policies and making decisions in relation to people aged 18 and over (some young people up to the age of 25 may still be within Children’s services as care leavers or with a Special Educational Needs and Disability) with eligible social care needs and their carers including;

·           adult safeguarding, adult mental health, physical health, older people and learning disabilities and lifelong learning;

·           determination of policies and making decisions in relation to Public Health in coordination with the Health and Wellbeing Board and the Scrutiny Committee;

·           oversight of the Communities Strategy;

·           provision and commissioning of domestic violence support services and quality assurance;

·           Prevent reporting and Channel Panel counter terrorism oversight;


3.            Oversight, scrutiny, reviewing outcomes, performance, budget monitoring and risk management of the Directorates of Adult Social Care Operations; Commissioning and Public Health including: Public Health, lifelong learning, health improvement and intelligence, Adult social care and safeguarding, Adult Mental Health and Learning Disability, Adult social care operations, Care4CE and commissioning of support for adults and children.


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Contact information

Support officer: Karen Shuker. Tel: 01270 686549 Email:

Postal address:
Democratic Services
Middlwich Road
Sandbach, Cheshire
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Phone: 01270 686549