Committee details

Finance Sub-Committee

Purpose of committee

1             The Finance Sub-Committee will co-ordinate the management and oversight of the Council’s finances, performance and corporate risk management arrangements. The Sub-Committee will make recommendations to the Corporate Policy Committee regarding the development of the Medium Term Financial Strategy and the setting and monitoring of the Capital and Revenue Budgets in accordance with the Corporate Plan and the Policy Framework.

2           The Sub-Committee’s responsibilities include:

·                   determination of finance issues, including but not limited to Treasury Management, Insurance, Procurement, debt write off, settlement payments and virements in line with the constitution;

·                   establishment of a Procurement Forward Plan;

·                   oversight of the Investment Strategy;

·                   grant awards for sums in excess of £50,000;

·                   property transactions including buying selling and appropriation of land and property (including compulsory purchase where required);

·                   management of the Council’s involvement in ASDVs and overseeing the production of an Annual Report on performance;

·                   making decisions as Shareholder, reviewing and approving Business plans, including risk registers and commissioning services and functions from the Council’s ASDVs.

3             Oversight, scrutiny and budgetary review of the following functions: Land and Property; Central Budgets; Pensions; Grants; Council Tax; Business Rates; Reserves; and Other Funding.


Contact information

Support officer: Rachel Graves. Tel: 01270 686473 Email: