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Corporate Policy Committee

Purpose of committee

1     The Corporate Policy Committee will provide strategic direction to the operation of the Council by developing and recommending the Corporate Plan to full Council and making decisions on policies and practice where such decisions are not reserved to full Council.

2     The Committee’s responsibilities include:

·                     formulation, co-ordination and implementation of the Corporate Plan and

·                     corporate policies and strategies, alongside the medium term financial plan (budget) which is the responsibility of the Finance Sub-Committee. In the discharge of those responsibilities the Committee shall determine such matters to the extent that they are not reserved to full Council.

·                     Human Resources, Organisational Development and Health and Safety matters affecting the Council; including adopting HR policies and practices and assurance in relation to staffing related matters;

·                     making recommendations to Council in relation to the annual Pay Policy Statement and any amendments to such statement.

·                     making recommendations to Council in relation to decisions affecting the remuneration of any new post where the remuneration is or is proposed to be or would become £100,000 p.a. or more.

·                     making decisions in relation to proposed severance packages with a value of £95,000 or more as appropriate (excluding contractual and holiday pay), subject to the need to obtain a approval from Council and central Government if required.

·                     exercising the functions relating to local government pensions, so far as they relate to Regulations made under sections 7, 12, or 24 of the Superannuation Act 1972 or subsequent equivalent legal provisions.

·                     determining key cross-cutting policies and key plans that impact on more than one service committee.

·                     determining policy matters not otherwise allocated to any other committee.

·                     determining any matter of dispute or difference between any committees.

·                     a co-ordinating role across all other committees and exercising a corporate view of outcomes, performance, budget monitoring and risk management.

·                     determining any matter that has a major impact on a number of Council services or the Council as a whole.

·                     oversight and monitoring of the Councillors’ Allowances budget and keeping under review the scheme for the payment of allowances to Councillors through the appointment of an Independent Remuneration Panel (IRP) to advise full Council on the adoption and any proposed amendments to such scheme.

·                     reviewing the Council’s Constitution and the recommendation of any changes to the Council;

·                     considering recommendations and an Annual Report of the Council’s involvement in ASDVs;

·                     appointing representatives to serve on outside bodies and organisations (including education bodies and establishments) and reviewing the process for considering appointments to outside organisations;

·                     appointing Lay Members (who shall not be Councillors) to serve on the Independent Admissions and Exclusion Appeals Panel as required under the relevant legislation;

·                     approving the payment of a reasonable and proper allowances and expenses for the work undertaken by the Council’s Independent Persons.

3          Oversight, scrutiny, reviewing outcomes, performance, budget monitoring and risk management of the Directorates of Finance & Customer Services; Governance & Compliance Services and Transformation including the following functions: Legal, Governance and Compliance; Audit and Risk; Transactional Services; Transformation; Business Change; B4B/ERP; Human Resources, ICT; together with Strategic Partnerships and shared services.

4          The Corporate Policy Committee shall be entitled to exercise: any function of the Council not otherwise allocated; as well as the functions of all other Committees and Sub-Committees, particularly where plans, strategies or activities straddle a number of Committees.


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