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Economy and Growth Committee

This page lists the meetings for Economy and Growth Committee.

Information about Economy and Growth Committee

1            The Economy and Growth Committee will be responsible for developing policies and making decisions on matters relating to delivering inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

2            The Committee’s responsibilities include:

·           determination of policies and making of decisions in relation to housing management and delivery;

·           determination of policies and making of decisions in relation to economic development, regeneration, skills and growth;

·           development and delivery of the Council’s estates, land and physical assets policies;

·           determination of policies and making decisions in relation to the rural and cultural economy;

·           compulsory purchase of land to support the delivery of schemes and projects promoted by the Committee;

3            Oversight, scrutiny, reviewing outcomes, performance, budget monitoring and risk management of the Directorate of Growth and Enterprise (with the exception of land and property functions) including: Facilities Management; Assets; Farms; Economic Development; Housing; Rural and Cultural Management; Tatton Park; Public Rights of Way; Cultural Economy; Countryside; and the Visitor Economy.


To view the committee’s current work programme click here.