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Licensing Committee

Purpose of committee

The Licensing Committees are responsible for matters relating to the administration of licences which are determinable by the Council, including the delegation of functional responsibility to individual officers for determination of any application for Consents, Licences, Certificates, Permits, Registrations or the like.

  • To hear and determine appeals against any decisions of Officers in relation to the grant, renewal, transfer, variation, refusal, revocation, suspension or imposition of condition in accordance with the Council’s licensing procedure.
  • The discharge of the Council’s functions under section 13(2) the Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001
  • The discharge of the Council’s functions under secrtion 16 the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006.

Some functions of the Licensing Committee are delegated to its Sub-Committees subject to the proviso that the Chairman or Vice Chairman of the full Committee may refer a matter up from the Sub Committee to the full Committee where that matter is significant or controversial in nature.



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