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21/3180C - DINGLE FARM, DINGLE LANE, SANDBACH, CHESHIRE, CW11 1FY: Repair and alteration of existing farmhouse and construction of garage; conversion and extension of barn and outbuilding to form dwelling and garage/garden room, demolition of garage and construction of dwelling

To consider the above application.


Consideration was given to the above application.


(Local Resident Tony Bastock attended the meeting and spoke in favour of the





That, for the reasons set out in the report, the application be APPROVED subject to the following conditions and a Section 106 Agreement to secure

offsite habitat enhancement, management and monitoring:


1)    Time limit

2)    Approved plans

3)    Submission of details of materials

4)    Submission of a Phase 1 contaminated land survey and mitigation and remediation if required

5)    Tree protection measures

6)    Landscaping and boundary treatments

7)    Implementation of landscaping and boundary treatments

8)    Hours of construction, Mon to Fri 8am to 6pm, Sat 9am to 2pm, no working on Sundays or public holidays

9)    Submission of details of any piling operations

10)Submission finished ground and floor levels

11)Submission of details of works to windows and doors (farmhouse and barn)

12)Full schedule of internal works (farmhouse and barn)

13)Full photographic survey (farmhouse and barn)

14)All fascias, barge and verge boards to be timber

15)Full details of new internal doors, surrounds, flooring and skirting boards (farmhouse and barn)

16)All rainwater goods to be in cast metal painted black (farmhouse and barn)

17)Construction management plan

18)Programme of archaeological works

19)Submission of details of external lighting

20)Development carried out in accordance with recommendations within the Supplementary Bat Survey

21)Updated Badger survey prior to commencement of development

22)Submission of an ecological enhancement strategy (provision of bird boxes, gaps for hedgehogs etc.)

23)Submission of a landscape management plan for on-site landscape works

24)Removal of PD rights for barn conversion and the proposed dwelling

25)Submission of a plan showing bin and secure cycle storage

26)External window frames on all new buildings recessed by a minimum of 100mm

27)Sample panel showing colour, texture, facebond and pointing for both new and restored buildings to be submitted; and

28)Submission of a schedule of doors to be altered, replaced, removed or reused on the listed buildings

29)Submission of a structural report setting out the existing condition of listed buildings and proposed works for restoration, including a repair schedule with a timetable for works to be undertaken

30)All demolition work to be carried out by hand

31)Only ground works and foundations of new buildings shall be undertaken until the approved schedule of works to the listed structures have been substantially completed

32)Notification of completion of works to the listed structures to the LPA in order that they can be inspected

33)Details of gates and fences to be submitted

34)Notwithstanding any details within the reports and plans, no insulation is approved for the walls to the listed farmhouse


In order to give proper effect to the Committee’s intentions and without changing the substance of the decision, authority is delegated to the Head of Development Management, in consultation with the Chair (or in his absence the Vice Chair) of Southern Planning Committee, to correct any technical slip or omission in the wording of the resolution, between approval of the minutes and issue of the decision notice.


Should the application be subject to an appeal, the following Heads of Terms should be secured as part of any S106 Agreement:


1)    To secure the offsite habitat enhancement, management and monitoring works for a period of 30 years

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