Agenda item

2018/19 Review of Performance Quarter 4

To consider a report of the Head of Finance & Performance( report to follow)


The Acting S151 Officer and Head of Finance and Procurement presented the item to the committee, which covered the council’s 2018/19 financial outturn as well as an overall review of performance.


Members asked questions and made comments in relation to;


  • The considerable budgetary swings experienced in 2018/19, what the causes of these were and how they were resolved;
  • How the statistic of 88% of Cheshire East schools being rated good or outstanding compares to other authorities or areas;
  • Whether the new administration had discussed altering the 2019/20 budget, for example, in relation to the planned Mutually Agreed Resignation Scheme (MARS);
  • Concern at the potential negative implications if the council did not adopt a locality model for any future work with the New Homes Bonus;
  • How effectively the council’s funding into projects supporting children whose first language is not English;
  • How the council, is a significant corporate body in the area of Cheshire, is pushing for more carbon neutrality across the borough;
  • How sustainable the council’s homelessness projects were that had been funded by government grants;
  • The context behind the improvement in the council’s improvement in handling Freedom of Information (FOI) requests;
  • Concern at the 11% annual turnover rate of council staff; and
  • More information relating to some of the regeneration projects noted in the report.


The committee was advised that officers would provide the additional information requested by members and also provide more thorough, detailed responses to some of the members’ questions outside of the meeting.




1          That the report and supporting appendices be noted.


2          That Cabinet be asked to consider the following comments and recommendations raised by the committee:


a)        That Cabinet ensures that pragmatic actions are taken to resolve unexpected financial pressures that may impact on the Council’s approved budget for 2019/20.

b)        That the Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee be involved in any consultation process undertaken for new, proposed ways that the Council may implement the New Homes Bonus (Phase 2).

c)        That consideration be given to the air quality and pollution implications arising from motor traffic and highways, as part of any environmental improvement strategies.

d)        That the Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee be kept informed of any review undertaken of, or modification to, the Medium Term Financial Strategy Reserve (or central contingency.)


Supporting documents: