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19/0032M-Outline planning application with means of access to be determined (all other matters reserved for subsequent approval) for the erection of up to 60 dwellings (Class C3); up to 7.5 hectare business park (Class B1); landscaping and open space; a new roundabout on Manchester Road, new internal highways, car parking and facilities for pedestrians and cyclists incorporating Public Right of Way (FP2); sustainable drainage measures; and all ancillary enabling works, Land West Of, Manchester Road, Knutsford for Mr Steve Melligan, The Crown Estate

To consider the above application.


Consideration was given to the above application.


(Councillor S Gardiner, the Ward Councillor, Terry Griffiths, representing Knutsford's Nether Ward Community Group and Stephen Hawkins, representing the applicant attended the meeting and spoke in respect of the application).




That for the reasons set out in the report and in the written and verbal update to the Board the application be approved subject to the completion of a Section 106 Agreement securing the following:-





Affordable Housing


(65% Affordable Rent / 35%


In accordance with phasing plan. No more than 80% open market occupied prior to affordable provision in each phase.


£45,500 SEN

50% Prior to first


50% at occupation of 50% of dwellings


£60,480 to additional GP provision in Knutsford. (amount based on occupancy)

50% Prior to first


50% at occupation of 50% of dwellings

Indoor Recreation

£10,400 – Knutsford Leisure Centre

On first occupation

Recreation Open Space

(£1000 per market dwelling

and £500 per 1 / 2 bed

market apartment). Plus additional contribution depending on the nature of the commercial floorspace brought forward.

The contributions will be paid as follows for the residential and commercial development;

50% Prior to first


50% at occupation of 50% of development

Public Open Space

Management Company for future maintenance.  Children’s play area with amenity green space to be provided.

On first occupation

Highway Improvements

*£663,000 towards highway improvements to the Adams Hill and Hollow Lane junctions, and towards widening the A50 along King Edward Road to remove the single lane and provide two lanes in each direction.


* Power is delegated to the Head of Planning (Regulatory) to review scheme costs and adjust this figure before completion of the Agreement.

£290,000 would be required on occupation of the residential development and £579,000 is required upon occupation of the B1 development. 

Travel Plan Monitoring


On first occupation.

Newt Mitigation

Off-site mitigation to be agreed or a financial contribution to be agreed with Natural England

Mitigation or contribution to be provided before development commences.


1.         Standard contaminated land condition

2.         Importation of soil

3.         Unexpected contamination

4.         Time period to implement permission

5.         Approve reserved matters details

6.         Plans

7.         details of surface water drainage in accordance with the submitted FRA.

8.         Submission and implementation of Travel Plan

9.         Submit arboricultural impact assessment

10.       Levels

11.       Submission of design code

12.       Construction environment management plan

13.       Ecological enhancement strategy

14.       Landscape and habitat management plan

15.       boundary details

16.       Provision of Electric Vehicle Charging Points

17.       Noise Impact Assessment

18.       Implement landscaping scheme

19.       Numbers of dwellings to be built to be a maximum of 60

20.       Details of materials

21.       Details of play area

22.       Retention of hedgerows

23.       Broadband

24.       Details and implementation of cycle way and footpath

25.       Submission of a verification report

26.       Details of diversions or protection of the PROW

27.       Updated badger survey and mitigation as part of RM application

28.       Retention of trees that support roosting bats

29.       Updated newt survey and mitigation as part of RM application and implement mitigation

30.       Details of replacement ponds

31.       Implement the approved access before site is first occupied

32.       No tree removal during the bird nesting season

33.       Improvements at Canoute Place implement before occupation of  1000m2 of commercial floorspace


In the event of any changes being needed to the wording of the Board’s decision (such as to delete, vary or add conditions / informatives / planning obligations or reasons for approval/refusal) prior to the decision being issued, the Head of Development Management delegated authority to do so in consultation with the Chairman of the Strategic Planning Board, provided that the changes do not exceed the substantive nature of the Board’s decision.


(The meeting was adjourned from 12.20pm until 1.00pm for lunch).

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