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13/2746C-Erection of up to 180 dwellings, public open space, green infrastructure and associated works, Land between Black Firs Lane, Chelford Road & Holmes Chapel Road, Somerford, Congleton, Cheshire for Paul Campbell, Richborough Estates Partnership LLP

To consider the above application.


Consideration was given to the above application.


(Parish Councillor Geoff Bell, representing Somerford Parish Council, Nigel Buckley, representing SPRAG (Somerford Parish Residents Action Group), Helen Borough, an objector and David Stentiford, the agent for the applicant attended the meeting and spoke in respect of the application).




That for the reasons set out in the report and in the written and oral update to Board the application be referred to the Secretary of State under the terms of the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2011 with a recommendation that the application be approved subject to the completion of a Section 106 Agreement securing the following:-


         30% of the dwellings to be affordable.

         The tenure split of the affordable housing required is 25% social or affordable rent, 75% intermediate tenure.

         Affordable Homes should be pepper-potted (in clusters is acceptable)

25% of the affordable dwellings to be built to meet Lifetime Homes standards, and these properties should be bungalows, maisonettes or adaptable houses. The affordable dwellings should be built to meet Code for Sustainable Homes Level 3.

         The affordable homes to be provided no later than occupation of 50% of the market dwellings unless the development is phased, in which case 80% of the market dwellings can be occupied.

         Provision of a LEAP with 5 pieces of equipment specification to be submitted and agreed and in accordance with that set out in the Greenspaces Officer consultation response.

Management plan for  all open space in perpetuity (including, inter alia, the LEAP, allotments if provided, woodland, general amenity openspace, village green, nature conservation area, drainage areas, ponds and any other areas of incidental open space not within private gardens or the adopted highway).

         Commuted sum of £55, 610 to be used to deliver off-site habitat creation/enhancement as per the report

Commuted sum of £165,405 in lieu of primary education

Commuted Sum of £145,000 towards Quality  Bus  Stop Infrastructure and improvements to service frequency and the provision of additional bus service and frequency to serve this development and the local area.


Commuted Sum of £755,000 -


- for the widening of the West Road/A34 roundabout western arm

                    - for design fees associated with the widening of the West Rd roundabout western arm.

                    - for the upgrade and necessary alterations to the existing signalised pedestrian crossing on the western arm approach to the West Rd roundabout.

                    - Contribution to the provision of a MOVA system upgrade at the signalised junction at Rood Hill/A34.


Or other measures eg link road that will provide similar congestion relief benefits to the A34 corridor through Congleton


And subject to the following conditions:-


1.       Standard Outline

2.       Submission of reserved matters – all except access

3.       Plans

4.       Development to be in accordance with Parameters Plan (p49 Design and Access Statement)

5.       Submission of design and construction plans for the internal road infrastructure of the development. The plans will inform the Section 38 agreement for formal adoption

6        Submission of design and construction plans for all off site highways works.

7.       The hours of construction of the development (and associated deliveries to the site)  shall be restricted to: Monday – Friday 08:00 to 18:00 hrs  Saturday 09:00 to 14:00 hrs Sundays and Public Holidays Nil

8.       Reserved matters to include retention of area of woodland to south of site

9.       Submission of construction details for access / roads

10.     All Piling operations shall be undertaken using best practicable means to reduce the impact of noise and vibration on neighbouring sensitive properties. All piling operations shall be restricted to: Monday – Friday 09:00 – 17:30 hrs; Saturday 09:00 – 13:00 hrs; Sunday and Public Holidays Nil

11      Submission of a Contaminated Land Phase II investigation. 

12      Submission of Construction and Environmental Management Plan

13      Reserved Matters to include details of bin storage.

14      Reserved matters to include 10% renewable provision

15      Updated badger survey and revised ecological mitigation strategy to be submitted with reserved matters application.

16      Detailed design of ponds to be submitted with reserved matter application

17      Archaeological programme of works

18      Details of all street lighting

19      Car charging point for each residential unit

20      Each Phase of development to include travel plan

21      Reserved Matters to include Arboricultural Implication Study (AIS) in accordance with para 5.4 of BS5837:2012 Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition and Construction -Recommendations , Constraints and Tree Protection Plan and Arboricultural Method Statement

22.     Submission / approval and implementation of boundary treatment

23.     Submission / approval of landscaping

24.     Implementation of landscaping

25.     Important hedgerows and trees, including those outside red edge on Black Firs Lane, to be retained and to be incorporated within reserved matters layout

26.     Submission of tree and hedgerow protection measures

27.     Implementation of tree and hedgerow protection measure

28.     Reserved Matters to include details of bin storage.

29.     Breeding Bird Survey for works in nesting season

30.     Provision of 40 bird/bat boxes throughout site

31.     Submission / approval and implementation of Construction management plan

32.     Scheme to limit surface water runoff and overland flow

33.     Provision and implementation of Travel Plan

34.     Sewer easement  as detailed in United Utilities response

35      Buffer zone of 20m between  houses and play space

36      All the affordable dwellings should be provided no later than occupation of 80% of the open market dwellings

37      Development to be in accordance with principles set out in Design and Access Statement

38             Submission of Statement Design principles to take into account, the Master Plan and the Parameters Plan  and to include the principles for:

o      determining the design, form, heights and general arrangement of external architectural features of buildings including the roofs, chimneys, porches and fenestration;

o      determining the hierarchy for roads and public spaces;

o      determining the colour, texture and quality of external materials and facings for the walls and roofing of buildings and structures;

o      the design of the public realm to include the colour, texture and quality of surfacing of footpaths, cycleways, streets, parking areas, courtyards and other shared surfaces;

o      the design and layout of street furniture and level of external illumination;

o      the laying out of the green infrastructure including the access, location and general arrangements of the children’s play areas, open space within the site

o      sustainable design including the incorporation of decentralised and renewable or low carbon energy resources as an integral part of the development

o      ensuring that there is appropriate access to buildings and public spaces for the disabled and physically impaired.

o      scale parameters for 2.5 storey buildings on key  parts of the site

o      SUDS details to be submitted

o      provision of locally relevant boundaries in hedging and stone

39   Maximum no of units to be 170

40   Bungalows to back on to existing bungalows

41   Phasing of development at reserved matters

42   Two storey only


In the event of any chances being needed to the wording of the Board’s decision (such as to delete, vary or addition conditions / informatives / planning obligations or reasons for approval / refusal) prior to the decision being issued, the Interim Planning and Place Shaping Manager, in consultation with the Chairman of the Strategic Planning Board is delegated the authority to do so, provided that he does not exceed the substantive nature of the Board’s decision.


(Prior to consideration of the following application, Councillor D Brown left the meeting and did not return).

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