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Cheshire East Health and Wellbeing Board
Tuesday, 28th March, 2017 2.00 pm

Venue: Committee Suite 1,2 & 3, Westfields, Middlewich Road, Sandbach CW11 1HZ. View directions

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Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Simon Whitehouse, Mike Suarez, Caroline O’ Brien, and Cllr Laura Jeuda.



Declarations of Interest

To provide an opportunity for Members and Officers to declare any disclosable pecuniary and non-pecuniary interests in any item on the agenda.


Councillor S Corcoran declared a non-pecuniary interest by virtue of his wife being a GP and a Director of South Cheshire and Vale Royal GP Alliance Ltd.



Minutes of Previous meeting pdf icon PDF 71 KB

To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 31 January 2017





That the minutes of the meeting held on 31 January 2017 be approved as a correct record.


Public Speaking Time/Open Session

In accordance with Procedure Rules Nos.11 and 35 a period of 10 minutes is allocated for members of the public to address the meeting on any matter relevant to the work of the body in question.  Individual members of the public may speak for up to 5 minutes but the Chairman or person presiding will decide how the period of time allocated for public speaking will be apportioned where there are a number of speakers. Members of the public are not required to give notice to use this facility. However, as a matter of courtesy, a period of 24 hours’ notice is encouraged.


Members of the public wishing to ask a question at the meeting should provide at least three clear working days’ notice in writing and should include the question with that notice. This will enable an informed answer to be given.




There were no members of the public present, wishing to use public speaking time.


Updated Children and Young People's Mental Health Local Transformation Plan, 2017/18 pdf icon PDF 133 KB

           To consider a report presenting the Children and Young People’s Mental Health Local Transformation Plan for Cheshire East.


Additional documents:


           Consideration was given to a report presenting the “Children and Young People’s Mental Health Local Transformation Plan” for Cheshire East.NHS England required that each Clinical Commissioning Group refresh the Children and Young People's Mental Health and Wellbeing Local Transformation Plan (LTP), submitted in October 2015. The original LTP had been signed off by the Health and Wellbeing Board at the meeting in December 2015 and then published on both NHS Eastern Cheshire and NHS South Cheshire CCG websites. Since the publication of the first plans in October 2015, collaborative activity had been undertaken to commence the transformation of mental health services for children and young people across Cheshire East. The revised plans had been written following detailed consultation with young people and their families and in partnership with Cheshire East Council, NHS South Cheshire and NHS Eastern Cheshire CCGs and  Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and voluntary and community organisations active in the area of mental health. The Board oversaw the delivery and implementation of the Transformation Plan, alongside the Local Children’s Safeguarding Board and the Children’s Trust.


Members of the Board asked a number of questions and gave consideration to the recommendations as set out in the report, which had been developed in partnership with the Children and Young people Mental Health Partnership Strategy Group, and following extensive consultation and engagement with children and young people and their families.




1.     That the baseline created and the progress made during 2016 despite challenging financial circumstances within the Cheshire East health economy be noted.

2.     That the progress made in increased partnership working to increase the efficiency of mental health provision and to support the governance structure be acknowledged.

3.     That the senior executive level  recommendations made for 2017/18 be supported.

4.     That the following overview of the identified activities that will form the 2017/18 transformation activity within Cheshire East be noted. (It was also noted that these should be considered in the way that they interlinked into wider service delivery across the multiple organisations):-

·       Roll out “Tools for Schools” project (previously Emotionally Healthy Schools)

·       Roll out “MH Links” project

·       THRIVE “Getting Help” pilot

·       Development of CYPIAPT Workforce

·       Redesign of service specification for CAMHS

·       Workforce redesign – including staffing resilience/workforce development

·       Development of perinatal mental health pathways from universal services, including acute services

·       Development of a single point of contact for information and advice

·       Develop access to (online) counselling services

·       Implementation of Self Harm pathway

·       Review local CYP MH commissioning arrangements – exploring lead commissioner models and mapping against local need

·       Comprehensive workforce review as part of Strategic Clinical Network business planning





Mental Health in Cheshire East - Annual Report of the Director of Public Health 2016 pdf icon PDF 123 KB

To receive the Annual Report of the Director of Public Health and to ensure the recommendations are considered and where appropriate, actioned.


Additional documents:


Consideration was given to the Annual Report of the Director of Public Health for 2016, which continued the theme of mental health that had started in the previous year. Although it had adult mental health as its primary focus, the report also covered what had happened since the publication of the previous year’s Public Health report “Supporting the Mental Health of Children and Young People”.

This was the fourth Annual Report of the Director of Public Health for Cheshire East. In 2013, the report had focussed on premature mortality; in 2014 on the health of children and young people; and in 2015 on the mental health of children and young people. This report focussed on adult mental health, but also referred back to the previous year’s report and reported on local progress. The topic of the report reflected the commitment of the Public Health team and Cheshire East Council as a whole to promoting good mental heath amongst it residents, and that improving mental health was a priority within the Health and Wellbeing Strategy. Proposals were made in the report that would improve the Cheshire East Parenting Journey and achieve better outcomes for pregnant women and their babies, details of which were reported.

The report contained a list of recommendations and it was agreed that these would be considered by the soon to be established Public Health Governance Group.


That the Annual Report of the Director of Public Health be received and that it be ensured that the recommendations are considered and, where appropriate actioned and that the Public Health Governance Group monitor and report back on progress.




Alcohol-Related Harm Position Statement and Forward Plan pdf icon PDF 140 KB

To consider a report relating to the Alcohol-Related Harm Position Statement and Forward Plan.

Additional documents:


     Consideration was given to the Alcohol-Related Harm Position Statement and Forward Plan. It was reported that excessive consumption of alcohol continued to cause harm to individuals, families and communities within Cheshire East. The Alcohol-Related Harm Position Statement and Forward Plan, attached at Appendix One of the report and its associated Implementation Plan, at Appendix Two, set out a multiagency response to work in partnership to reduce the impacts and costs associated with excessive consumption.

The Board made a number of comments in respect of the Position Statement and:-


1.     That the Alcohol Harm Position Statement and Forward Plan be adopted and its Implementation Plan supported.

2.     That the Alcohol Harm Plan Steering Group transitioning into a formally established Implementation Plan Delivery Group (as a sub-group of the Board) to oversee the delivery of the Plan be approved.


Cancer Strategy for South Cheshire and Vale Royal pdf icon PDF 127 KB

To note the Cancer Strategy for South Cheshire and Vale Royal.


Additional documents:


     (Before consideration of this item, Cllr Stewart Gardiner declared that he had worked for David Mowat MP, the Minister responsible for dealing with cancer matters).

     Consideration was given to a Cancer Strategy for South Cheshire and Vale Royal (2016-2020), which the Board was asked to note.

      It was reported that this local cancer strategy was aligned with and provided a vehicle for the delivery of the national cancer strategy. In July 2015, ‘Achieving world-class cancer outcomes: a strategy for England 2015-2020’ had been produced by the Independent Cancer taskforce. This was the national cancer strategy. It proposed 6 strategic priorities over a 5 year time period, details of which were reported. At around the same time, an All Party Parliamentary Group Report on Cancer (published June 2015), had highlighted NHS Vale Royal CCG as having the worst 1 year survival from cancer in England in 2012 (63.7% compared to 69.3% for England) and NHS South Cheshire CCG as the fourth lowest 1 year survival for lung, breast and colorectal cancer across England in 2012. The Cancer Commissioning Board had, therefore, taken the decision in December 2015 to re-focus its work programme on early detection of cancer and to develop a local Cancer Strategy that covered the next 5 years, to ensure that the local work programme/action plan not only reflected, but was also in line with the national strategy. In 2016, the Cancer Commissioning Board had been overseeing the implementation of the work plans of four work streams. The aim of the document, as submitted to the Board, was to provide a public facing document which outlined the framework in which Cancer Commissioning Board partners were working to in order to improve cancer outcomes locally.

     The Board was asked to note the Strategy.

     Jerry Hawker reported that it would be necessary for the CCGs to submit a joint paper to the Board on this issue, to cover the whole population of East Cheshire and stated that East Cheshire had a good rating against the national outcomes framework, although there were some challenges.

     The Chairman suggested that it might be appropriate to include more emphasis within the Strategy on the importance of healthy lifestyles.



     That the Cancer Strategy for South Cheshire and Vale Royal be noted.



Summary of Health Protection Forum Discussions and Actions 2016 pdf icon PDF 71 KB

The notes of the Health Protection Forum Meetings are attached for information.



Consideration was given to a briefing note providing a Summary of the Health Protection Forum Discussions and Actions for 2016.




That the Summary of the Health Protection Forum Discussions and Actions for 2016 be noted.




Update on Court Proceedings


The Executive Director of People and Deputy Chief Executive, Cheshire East Council, provided information in respect of a recent court hearing relating to the Council in respect of a social care case, where the judge had found that there had been severe deficiencies and that the assessment of the case had been lacking. She stated that the quality processes had failed and that she wished to give assurance that a root and branch review would be undertaken, in order to obtain a better understanding as to how this had happened and to ensure that it did not happen again. She also wished to assure the Board that appropriate action had been taken.