Executive post

Leader of the Council


It is the responsibility of the Leader to Act as head of the Cabinet, select the Cabinet Members and determine their portfolios of responsibility; to appoint committees and sub-committees of the Cabinet and to determine their powers;  to represent and act as ambassador for the Authority; to have overall responsibility for policy development and design; to represent the Council's views on matters of corporate or strategic policy and any other matters which are within their terms of reference; to request or commission research and other studies on any matters of policy or service provision within these responsibilities; to prepare and publish a forward plan of key decisions; to present to the Council "State of the Borough" reports and to be responsible for related debates; to provide appropriate and timely Cabinet responses to Scrutiny Committee recommendations and to monitor the implementation of those responses.  Additional individual responsibility for


·        HS2 and Rail Strategy

·        Constellation partnership

·        CCN/LGA

·        Internal Audit

·        Strategic Partnerships

·        Sub-regional activity

·        Devolution/Growth Deal

·        Government liaison

·        Oversight of communications


Post is held by