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Reinstate proposed winter gritting withdrawals of several key Congleton roads.

We the undersigned petition the council to Reinstate proposed winter gritting withdrawals of several key Congleton roads.

Front page news in the November 12th edition of Congleton Chronicle:
“Extreme concern over plans to stop gritting vital roads…
At least 30 roads in Congleton are due to be removed from the list of those to be gritted during winter, while only three routes in Sandbach would be removed…..
People have until 20th November to comment on the proposals set out in the authority’s Well Managed Highway Infrastructure programme.
Cheshire East Council said the proposed winter treatment network had been developed using a risk-based process to take into consideration local risk factors, including usage, local amenities, vulnerable users, public transport and local risks such as steep gradients, cold spots and other known local issues….”

There are appears to have been little general public awareness of these proposals.
Comments to the proposal should urgently emailed to info@cheshireeast.gov.uk with ‘Attention of Highways’ in the subject heading.
From some local knowledge it appears that certain criteria have been underestimated such as access and transport to primary schools, some steep short hills, and some communities with difficult single access roads.
Of the 30 Congleton roads now precluded…
Daisybank Drive and 3 adjoining roads.
This weaving undulating road serves the Danebank Park estate of 400 dwellings. Without a local primary school the key Marton Primary school bus has pick up points here. There are other similar school buses. With a steep section approaching a blind corner the route could be blocked. Further into the estate, also precluded is the very steep Kent Drive, and the single access Berkshire Drive cul-de-sac of 50 dwellings and similarly Somerset Close.
Kennet Drive access to Grangeland Park
Main entrance to the Grangeland Park Estate of 500 dwellings is sloping down enough to be an issue. The only other access to the estate is through Daven Road.
Daven Road access to Grangeland Park

Waggs Road and adjoining Foll Hollow
This long undulating winding road uniquely serves Marfield Primary School and singly connects an estate of 150 dwellings. This route also offers an emergency back way into Congleton town centre.
Havannah Lane is split in 2 disconnected roads with different postcodes.
The CW12 2NB road is a cul-de-sac dropping steeply from the A34 to cross the river uniquely serving the 20 old cottages but also a new estate of 45 dwellings plus established dwellings.
Buxton Old Road
This short undulating road with 2 main road entrances uniquely serves Buglawton primary school and an estate of 200 dwellings with no other access.
Forge Lane
Is a steep entrance cul-de-sac dropping down close to the river which has been developed to uniquely reach 100 new dwellings.
Padgbury Lane
Carries secondary school traffic to Congleton High School as shown on the council transport map. This is an alternative route that might be significant after the Link Road completion.

Swaledale Avenue
This is very steep single access road to 50 dwellings.
Conversely some new roads to be adopted in Congleton feature the following perfectly level spacious estate roads of West Heath with no bus routes but with BlackFirs primary school on Longdown Road. The estate has many entrances.
Score (100 and over implies gritting inclusion)
Delamere Road Congleton 100
Longdown Road Congleton 125
Sycamore Avenue Congleton 100
Cumberland Road Congleton 100
Chestnut Drive Congleton 100
Under what full criteria have these roads been accepted?
CheshireEast council References :
Well managed highways infrastruture https://www.cheshireeast.gov.uk/highways_and_roads/road-maintenance/well-managed-highway-infrastructure.aspx
Winter route scoring matrix (PDF, 388KB)
Added roads with scores (PDF, 129KB)
Removed roads with scores (PDF, 184KB)
Retained roads with scores (PDF, 241KB)

Martin Knott (39 years resident of Congleton’s West Heath and Lower Heath and ne

This ePetition ran from 16/11/2020 to 28/12/2020 and has now finished.

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