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Pothole Management in Macclesfield

We the undersigned petition the council to publicly share the known information regarding potholes in Macclesfield and the surrounding areas. This is to make transparent the list of all potholes known, the council budget allocated to fix potholes, and the planned schedule of work and dates committed to fix them.

Potholes need to be made more visible to drivers to avoid accidents and damage to vehicles. I have personal experience of this as I recently turned right into Brook Street from the Silk Road and damaged my car suspension. There was no warning sign of the poor condition of the road which currently has several potholes.

The council do provide a web page to report a pothole, however a list of potholes in the area is not available. This should be made transparent to the public ideally with the status of repair.

Potholes are an increasing concern to all residents and visitors..

This ePetition ran from 17/03/2020 to 28/04/2020 and has now finished.

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