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Keep the Tatton Perk Coffee Van at the Moor

We the undersigned petition the council to Approve the Street Trading License renewal / application for the Tatton Perk Coffee Van at the Moorside location next to the Moor Park in Knutsford.

The familiar Orange Van of Tatton Perk Coffee has submitted an application to renew the street trading license at Moorside next to The Moor park in Knutsford. Knutsford Town Council have objected to this.

This petition is in support of the renewal of the street trading license for Tatton Perk. The owner is a local man who retired from his career to focus on Tatton Perk and has been for the last year producing the best coffee that Knutsford has to offer. The owner lives in Knutsford, knows Knutsford and importantly he is an asset to the community.

Tatton Perk's little orange van is such a welcome sight next to the Moor (Moorside) where our kids go to play and we go to socialise with other parents

He offers a unique service to people where they can get a very good, ethically sourced coffee and other local delicacies such as local bakery treats.

The benefit of Moorside is that we parents don’t have to drag our kids away from the playground and cause tantrums if we dare think about having a coffee treat.

He parks properly and as he is a parent he is only too aware of how his parking might impact upon the safety of children crossing the road.

Tatton Perk has genuinely been one of the best additions to Knutsford in recent times. By not renewing the license, you will cut off a stream of income into the local economy. It will not be replaced elsewhere as no other shop has the convenience of being parked next to the moor.

We would not shop at alternatives in the town because we do not want to traipse across a busy car park with buggies or young children in tow.

Please keep Tatton Perk at the Moor.

This ePetition ran from 01/05/2019 to 06/05/2019 and has now finished.

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