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Open a new mental health unit at Leighton Hospital

We the undersigned petition the council to Open a new mental health unit at Leighton hospital

The mental health services of Cheshire East very badly need a mental health unit at Leighton hospital. The mental health services treat not only Crewe but everyone in Cheshire east which is over 400 patients, some of which require inpatient care at crisis point and the only available options are Macclesfield millbrook unit which is short as it is for beds because it takes not only Cheshire east patients but Macclesfield patients as well and Chester unit, both units are miles away from Cheshire east and the patients families and due to the shortages of beds more and more patients are turned away even in crisis and some end up committing suicide due to the shortage of beds.

I have been in the Cheshire east mental health services since I was 16 and the care due to the lack of funding is appalling. Even when I’ve needed a bed they’ve had to put me on crisis team instead because there were no beds at Macclesfield. A&E waiting times for mental health assessments are extremely long for the reason if they need a psychiatrist or a mental health act assessment they need to wait for someone to come down from Macclesfield which when you are in crisis is awful to sit around waiting not know what’s going on.

Cheshire east would massively benefit from a unit at Crewe, it would lessen the number of suicides in Cheshire east, trained mental health professionals would have more places to work, it would open job opportunities, it would also benefit the emergency services such as ambulances and police because instead of having to drive a patient to Macclesfield costing £500 in ambulance fees and time when a member of staff can take a patient to the unit on foot after the emergency services have brought someone in for free rather than costing the NHS more money by sending someone by ambulance.

If there was a new unit in Crewe it would be cost effective because the amount of crisis in Crewe would decrease because there is an increased level of support and this would mean that there would be less money spent on police and ambulance related mental health transportation to wards when it could be used on emergencies and saving lives.

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