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Local School Priority Provision

We the undersigned petition the council to Ensure Cheshire East schools prioritise school provision for children living within walking distance to schools, ensuring they are not forced to schools outside of the local residential area, and reducing carbon footprint.

Cheshire East have granted planning to build thousands more homes in Congleton but NO new schools to address the already oversubscribed existing schools. The problem occurs as soon as homes are occupied, not in 6-10 years time. Building developers are obliged to pay the council funding to increase local infrastructure but that funding is not being seen by schools - it is not increasing school provision. Local oversubscribed schools are now changing their eligibility criteria to remove provision for children living closest. This means anyone purchasing a new home in Congleton will have to find a school place outside of the area and not within walking distance, increasing fuel bills and carbon emissions. Provision for schools must be prioritised to residents close to schools - people pay a premium to purchase houses close to schools believing they have higher chances of gaining a school place. Having moved 4 times within Cheshire East over 6 years and being unable to secure a school place at any school within 5 miles of my home (despite purchasing a home 400 yards from a school), I already drive my children to school and will be driving them to 2 different schools over 5 miles away when my eldest joins high school. Parent carbon footprint is unnecessarily large and parents working from home should not require a second vehicle just to transport children to school. Children also miss out on being part of a local community and have no local friends as their school and school friends are miles away. This petition reflects the many frustrated and hurt parents who feel unsupported and let down by their local Council in regards to school provision.

This ePetition ran from 27/06/2022 to 08/08/2022 and has now finished.

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