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object to 22/1930c planning application

We the undersigned petition the council to Reject planning application

One objection to the new ( June 13th) 398 home planning application 22/1930C potentially impacting the Giantswood Lane residential area.

The full scale of the plan of 398 homes , apparent after skipping the single paragraph detailing minor demolition of farm out-buildings, also shows a new junction onto Giantswood Lane.

The way this plan is initially worded belies its full significance.

The application landscape master plan includes this exit onto Giantswood Lane despite previous objections to new junctions on the lane from other applications between the A34 and Giantswood. This will also impact Daisybank Drive used as a cut through to the A34 from the lane.

From the outset of the Congleton Link Road, the Giantswood Lane residential area, has been protected from new traffic with nearest junctions on the bypass only with the A34 and Viking Way.

The Appendix 6.4 “Landscape Strategy Masterplan” shows the development is bordered by the Congleton Link Road ( A536) to the north, river Dane to the west and Giantswood Lane to the east. The 4 parcels of land A,B,C and D all have access to the new Viking way, but parcel D is adjacent to old Giantswood Lane. Parcel C of 45 houses sits midway between Viking Way and Giantswood Lane however for parcel D with 65 houses is much closer to Giantswood Lane. The whole estate could be served by Viking Way alone.

In the plans and documents Page 1 row 9 Appendix 5.1 “Detailed application Drawings” there is the detailed document where on page 3 (of 26) the portion of the site that adjoins Giantswood lane is clearly shown with a junction.

This extra junction would allow a cut through across most of the new estate onto old Giantswood Lane from Viking way permitting equal access as that shown to the purpose built Viking Way.

As part of the plan Appendix 8.1 Transport assessment attempts to predict traffic flows. There is very small trickle suggested for Giantswood Lane and no reference to the closely linked cut through from the Lane along Daisybank Drive which still suffers from overflow traffic.

As part of the plan Appendix 9.3 shows Traffic Data used in the assessment. No part of this assessment refers to Giantswood Lane.

This ePetition ran from 22/06/2022 to 14/07/2022 and has now finished.

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