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Parking on Kings Court, off Water Lane, Wilmslow

We the undersigned petition the council to repaint, as a priority, the yellow lines on Kings Court, off Water Lane, Wilmslow. Additionally, a maximum stay of 10 minutes to allow parents to safely pick up their young children from preschool.

The local authority will not ticket anyone for parking on this street due to the current double yellow lines not being clear enough. People have cottoned on to this and have started parking all day in this central Wilmslow location.

The problem with this is that there is a preschool located on that road and parents are struggling to safely pickup or drop off their young children on time.

The parking on both sides of the street also presents a hazardous block in the road, which does not allow space for emergency vehicles.

A sign with a maximum stay of 5 minutes would allow parents to safely pick up their children without causing any access issues on the road.

This ePetition runs from 12/05/2022 to 23/07/2022.

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