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Traffic lights on Crewe Green/Crewe roundabout

We the undersigned petition the council to Implement traffic lights on the Crewe Green roundabout (53.095358, -2.415018) to improve congestion and reduce incidence of dangerous driving.

The Crewe Green roundabout is busy throughout the week with many cases of serious congestion. It has 3 lanes and multiple exits, making it a particular challenge for cars turning right at the roundabout where several lanes would need to be crossed. This can prove difficult and many drivers find themselves having to pull out at suboptimal times in order to access the roundabout. Cars pulling out dangerously presents a real risk to road safety on this roundabout.

Implementing traffic lights would ease congestion and allow drivers to enter the roundabout without risking collision with oncoming traffic.

This ePetition ran from 17/03/2022 to 29/04/2022 and has now finished.

116 people signed this ePetition.