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Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA)

25/07/2022 - Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA)

Doctor Susan Roberts, a Consultant in Public Health attended the Committee and presented the report.

The Committee were advised that the Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) needed to be published by the 1 October 2022, and that Dr. Matt Tyer, the Director of Public Health had responsibility to do this.

Between 1 April 2021- 10 June 2022 there had been 105 consultations responses with 354 partial responses.  The Draft PNA provisional findings were deemed adequate (this was the target for the public health team) and the conclusions needed to be tested. 

The Committee had some concerns regarding:

·         automated medication from robots in hospital pharmacies;

·         the expansion of the Basford area of the borough and the impacts on medical centres;

·         there were no reviews of accessibility within the consultation (this was to be reviewed for future consultations);

·         The Pharmaceutical offer and challenges to Cheshire East villages (the challenges were acknowledged and articulated within the PSA response); and

·         that despite advertising the consultation within pharmacies, no paper copies were available.

The public health team would take these comments to inform future learning and gave reassurances to the Committee that all comments during the consultation period would be analysed to feed into the consultation results.


That the production of the PNA and the consultation findings be received and that it be noted that the consultation findings may result in an amendment to the draft PNA once evaluated.