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Information Governance Report

28/09/2022 - Information Governance Report

Gareth Pawlett, Chief Information Officer and Head of ICT Services presented the Information Governance Report (an update on the information assurance and data management programme underpinning the safeguarding of information) to the Committee. 

The report noted an improved score in 5 areas but reductions in some areas.  The current climate of cyber-attacks was challenging, the Committee were advised of a recent example which impacted on some staff and the importance of mandatory training for both officers and Members.

The Committee were advised that innovative projects were implementing new ways of working and managing information, this meant teams or services (now at an enterprise level) did have some conflicts to work through.

The Committee sought assurances:

a)    in respect of cyber-crime, and was advised that it was a real threat with attempts made daily, but to date defences had held.  There was confidence that the right action was being taken, and investment in this area continued; and

b)    in respect of recruitment and retention of staff, the Committee was advised that resourcing was a risk within ICT but this was being managed through development of staff, to train and upskill.  Whilst the employment offer was good, from a flexibility perspective, the challenges came from the salaries and grading, which was in competition with often more lucrative employment within the private sector.  Roles were being evaluated appropriately but there were setbacks when individuals were trained and then left the council. 


That the progress made with the Information Assurance and Data Management Programme during 2021/2022 and the future vision to support ongoing compliance be received and noted.