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Covid-19 Report

28/09/2022 - Covid-19 Report

The Executive Director of Corporate Services presented the report to the Committee and advised that Covid was still in present and active, and public health messages were still relevant. 

The report, which had been received by the Corporate Policy Committee on 9 June 2022, included an updated account of finances, including business grants.

This was the last report which would be prepared given the changes to the national and local situation in Covid responses but this report could be reinstated if the situation changed.

The item was opened up for Committee questions, there was some discussion on:

·         How much the pandemic cost the Council and whether all funds had been passed on to individuals and businesses from government funding.  There had been no negative impact on council finances although it was acknowledged there was some lost income from some services and expense incurred from others;

·         The Agile and flexible working policy for staff;

·         The People Helping People initiative rolled out during the pandemic to support vulnerable individuals and groups across Cheshire East;

·         The opportunity for the council to review assets, particularly Estates and ICT post-pandemic to make realistic assessments of need; and

·         The duty of care by the council to continue to meet reasonable requests for adjustments.


The Committee received and noted the report.