Committee details

Constitution Working Group

Purpose of committee

1     The Constitution Working Group will make recommendations to the Corporate Policy Committee and Council on:

1.1            the Council’s administrative business, including electoral matters; administrative boundaries and support for Councillors;

1.2            determining policies and conventions in relation to the political management of the Council, including political balance and party groups for the purpose of Councillors’ duties;

1.3            reviewing the Council’s Constitution and recommending any changes to the Monitoring Officer (where not significant), or Corporate Policy Committee and Council;

1.4            recommending to Council or Corporate Policy Committee, as appropriate, the appointment of Councillors to Committees and Sub-Committees (including any co-opted Members);

1.5            overseeing and monitoring the Councillors’ Allowances budget and keeping under review the scheme for the payment of allowances;

1.6            making recommendations to the Council on civic issues, including those affecting the Mayoralty, Honorary Freemen and Aldermen, nationally significant events and the Council’s flag flying policy and civic regalia