Agenda item

Towns Fund Performance Update (30 Minutes)

To receive an update on the Towns Fund, Accelerated Funding Projects, the Deep Dive update and Royal Arcade.


The Board received an update from Jez Goodman, Development and Regeneration Manager, and individual project sponsors, on several of the Towns Fund Projects and Additional Programme Management updates.


Flag Lane Baths – Currently awaiting tender prices. Removal of asbestos was underway. Fundraising was currently on hold until the final capital costs have been confirmed. The Board sub-group was scheduled to meet with Always Ahead representative in May 2024. Crewe Town Board Vice Chair sent a letter to David Edwards setting out the Crewe Town Board’s obligations and expectations, which had been acknowledged.


Crewe Youth Zone – Works had been delayed due to the Stopping Up Order process. Department for Transport’s consultation period had now ended, however there were still two objections outstanding from utilities operators which needed to be addressed - consultation with United Utilities was required due to a potential sewer diversion on High Street which required liaison with the Southern Gateway Project. Legal agreements were close to a resolution. A works contractor had been appointed following the Public Procurement Procedure. Officers would examine the current funding position across all projects to identify potential solutions for the shortfall and report back to the Chair. A Youth and Community Worker was in post and actively working with young people and across other projects and a Crewe Youth Zone Chief Executive Officer had been appointed. The project advised it was ready to start in May 2024, but further delays may result in further cost increases, and a risk of not being able to spend the granted YIF funds by the deadline of 31st March 2025.


Crewe Youth Club – Tender for main works contract had been issued and were expecting five bids. Three applications for further funding had been successful, with a total of almost £500,000.


Mill Street Corridor – Planning consent had now secured. Working closely with Southern Gateway project to ensure efficiency and to mitigate costs in the delivery of both projects.


Way Finding – The first installation outside of the new Bus Station had been installed, with MSCP expected in Spring 2024 and further installations at the Southern Gateway, Mill Strete and Gresty Road.


History Centre Public Realm – The main dismantling and deconstruction work commenced in February 204 and expected to complete in June 2024, with the remaining construction work to be completed by October 2024. The main History Centre project was expected to commence in September 2024 subject to additional funding being secured and satisfaction of planning conditions.


Lyceum Square – Outstanding works relating to community artwork, painting of junction, lighting, and recladding to take place in April 2024. Plan to provide Crewe Regeneration rolling presentation on large screen. A meeting was scheduled with Highways on 11.04.2024 to discuss ongoing management.


Pocket Parks – The first Pocket Park on Mclaren Street completed on 03.04.2024 and other projects were well under way, with Derby Docks pocket park opening on 10th April and Queen St and School Crescent opening in the spring.


Valley Brook Green Corridor – First phase of works to be completed imminently. The route details were being finalised with the main works to commence April 2024.


Cumberland Arena – Works ongoing to deliver the project.  


Jubilee Project – ANSA had appointed a designer to develop the plans and public consultation. Detailed pre-application discussions with planning and environmental protection were to be had, focusing on the issue of floodlighting and noise impacts on residential properties.


Royal Arcade Phase 1 – Expected completion and handover in May 2024 with launch and PR details to be confirmed.


Warm and Healthy Homes – A bid had been submitted to Historic England for £50,000 of ancillary works, and the project was seeking further support from Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities. Work expected to start in summer 2024 and complete winter 2025.


The Board discussed the need to review project budgets to assess whether any grant funding could be reallocated between projects.  It was agreed that an exercise would be undertaken to facilitate this, with a decision to be taken at the next meeting of the Board.




That the updates be noted.