Agenda item

Towns Fund Performance Update (1 hour 30 Minutes)

To receive an update on the Towns Fund and Accelerated Funding Projects. Each Board Member to provide a verbal update on their sponsored project.



The board received updates from Charles Jarvis, Head of Economic Development and individual project sponsors. The government’s Discovery Programme had been set up to assist with support, consultation and guidance to the Towns Fund projects and they would be reviewing the projects based on their original costings.


Flag Lane Baths – Due to the heritage nature of the building, a concrete survey would be undertaken, which could highlight compromises in the building structure, however the initial structural survey of the building was completed satisfactorily.


Cumberland Arena – Planning applications and contracts were in place, and work was due to start on site shortly. There had been a request for further funding for additional improvements to the changing rooms as there were several sports groups in the immediate area which could all benefit from sharing resources.


Mill Street Corridor – A value engineering exercise was being undertaken to review costs. Following a change to the street lighting proposal A planning application would be submitted shortly.


Warm and Healthy Homes – The level of detail, key milestones and identified risks were reassuring. The government had made a number of changes to its green policies recently, but the project leads did not believe the project would be impacted.


History Centre Public Realm – This was part of a larger project including the demolition of the old Crewe Library which should begin in the next couple of months, and a cleared site should be handed to the history centre by end of February 2024. The Ice Cream Van project fell within this, and the contracts and communications were being progressed.


Repurposing our high streets – Several new projects were moving forwards and contracts with tenants and owners had been agreed. There were some owners who bought assets on the basis of HS2 reaching Crewe, who would need to be contacted to ensure that they remain engaged. It was hoped that the high street auction powers would be available soon.


Pocket Parks – Several projects have been initiated recently, the first group of four parks was underway and the second group should start in late 2023 / early 2024. Discussions were due to take place with Cheshire Wildlife Trust to encourage community involvement. A press release had been issued and the Board were encouraged to share the press releases where possible.


Valley Brook Green Corridor - The proposed route was presented to the board - the route was subject final agreements with network rail and other landowners being resolved. The route was already being used by walkers and cyclists so the improvement works should be well received and attract further usage.


Youthzone – There was a risk that the underground sewer which cut across the site could impact the development - conversations with United Utilities were planned.


Jubilee Gardens Project – There was work ongoing around the land transfer.


Mirion Street –. Assurances were required that the boxing premises would be retained for youth activities should the boxing company cease to trade.




That the update be noted.