Agenda item

Public Speaking/Open Session

In accordance with paragraph 2.24 of the Council’s Committee Procedure Rules and Appendix on Public Speaking, set out in the Constitution, a total period of 15 minutes is allocated for members of the public to put questions to the committee on any matter relating to this agenda. Each member of the public will be allowed up to two minutes each to speak, and the Chair will have discretion to vary this where they consider it appropriate.


Members of the public wishing to speak are required to provide notice of this at least three clear working days’ in advance of the meeting.



Carol Jones (on behalf of Crewe and District Bus Users Group) addressed the Committee in relation to agenda item 9 Local Bus Support Criteria – Consultation Outcomes. Ms Jones asked the Committee how it would ensure that connectivity, consistency and continuity would be fulfilled to achieve successful, sustainable progress for a better public transport system and a better future for all.


Cllr Tim Wheatcroft (Sandbach Town Council) spoke in relation to agenda items 5 (response to the Petition to install a Pedestrian Crossing on The Hill, Sandbach) and item 7 (Pedestrian Crossing Strategy). Cllr Wheatcroft was supportive of the installation of a pedestrian crossing at the Hill, Sandbach and stated that whilst the petition was supported by over 5,000 residents, the Council response was negative and abdicated the Council’s responsibility for promoting and delivering net zero. Cllr Wheatcroft requested that the Council ensured that all future reports included a lead in statement setting out the climate change benefits and the Net Zero contribution possibilities.

Mrs Val Scaresbrook addressed the Committee on behalf of Congleton Sustainable Travel, in relation to agenda item 7 (Pedestrian Crossing Strategy) and item 8 (Engine Idling). Mrs Scaresbrook made a number of comments in relation to dropped kerbs, light-controlled crossings and entry kerbs. Mrs Scaresbrook also requested that matrix item 20 be removed from the prioritisation matrix as it was felt that this reduced a school’s chance of getting a crossing. The Chair thanked Mrs Scaresbrook for her comments and requested that these be formally fedback during the proposed consultation on the Crossing Facilities Strategy. Mrs Scaresbrook also requested that item 8 considered bus station idling and asked if this could be addressed by enforcement and in bus service contracts.


Cllr Robert Douglas (Congleton Town Council) addressed the Committee in relation to agenda to item 7 (Pedestrian Crossing Strategy). Cllr Douglas stated that the Strategy made no reference to consultation with, or follow up engagement with, local communities and organisations such as schools. Cllr Douglas requested that there be a formal procedure in the strategy which required feedback on the results on the prioritisation matrix and future plans with those who have raised concerns around the lack of a pedestrian crossing, including Eaton Bank Academy in relation to such a crossing on Jackson Road.


Nikki Bishop, Democratic Services Officer, read out a statement submitted by Ms Sue Helliwell in relation to agenda item 5 (Notice of Motion to install a pedestrian crossing on the Hill, Sandbach) and item 7 (Pedestrian Crossing Strategy). Ms Helliwell’s statement was in support of the installation of a pedestrian crossing at the Hill, Sandbach and highlighted how needed this crossing was for school children and all residents who needed to cross a busy main road to get to school or the local Co-op. It was stated that in order to promote itself as a greener, fairer Council, which encouraged walking and cycling, safe crossings were needed. Mrs Helliwell highlighted that S106 funding was available and needed to be spent before Spring 2024. The Chair committed to providing a written response.


Ms Sarah Bradley (Petition Organiser) addressed the Committee in relation to agenda item 5 (Response to the Petition to install a Pedestrian Crossing on The Hill, Sandbach). Ms Bradley stated that last year she resurrected the long-standing campaign to install a pedestrian crossing on the Hill, Sandbach and stated that this was an extremely busy road that both parents and children needed to cross to get to school. It was highlighted that St John’s Primary School was the only school in Sandbach that did not have a crossing and the installation of a crossing was well supported by local residents, Sandbach Town Council, the local Ward Cllr and Fiona Bruce MP. Ms Bradley stated that the former Head of Highways had previously attended the site and agreed that a design feasibility would be carried out. £100k S106 funds had been identified which needed to be spent before June 2024, Ms Bradley urged the Committee to not defer the assessment and progress with the design feasibility study.




Cllr Janet Clowes attended the Committee meeting and addressed the Committee as the proposer of the Notice of Motion: National Parking Platform (agenda item 6). Cllr Clowes stated that she was disappointed with the officer report which recommended no further action be taken. Cllr Clowes highlighted that the model was never intended to operate over all car parks within a local authority area, but for the initiative to evolve over time and that the estimated £43,000 costs would be mitigated by the gradual introduction of the scheme. Cllr Clowes welcomed the proposal in the report to engage with the National Parking Platform pilot local authorities to understand the lessons learnt. It was noted that the current contract expired in October 2024 however this would be when Phase 5 would be rolled out. Cllr Clowes also highlighted that the report focussed on implementation charges, but not savings that would be made. The Committee were asked to review the initiative in 12-months’ time, adding the item to the Work Programme.


Cllr Sam Corcoran, Ward Councillor for Sandbach Heath and East, addressed the Committee in relation to agenda item 5 (Petition for a Crossing on The Hill Sandbach). Cllr Corcoran confirmed that he first became involved in the campaign for a crossing in 2018 and also supported the current campaign. Cllr Corcoran stated that he was disappointed that some local campaigners had opposed a school crossing patrol officer on the Hill, Sandbach and felt that School Crossing Patrol Officer would have encouraged more people to cross the road on their way to school, further demonstrating the case for a crossing. Cllr Corcoran welcomed the proposed Crossing Facilities Strategy which would favour a pedestrian crossing on the Hill, Sandbach in the future where the volume and speed of vehicular traffic deterred people from crossing the road. Cllr Corcoran also requested that he receive a decision as soon as possible on whether the proposed works at the bottom of the Hill, Sandbach, would go ahead.