Agenda item

19/0623M - Land East of the A34 and South of A555, Handforth: Hybrid planning application proposing a new mixed-use settlement for the Garden Village at Handforth

To consider the above planning application.


Consideration was given to the above planning application.


The following attended the meeting and spoke on the application:

Wilmslow Town Councillor Jon Newall; Councillor Lata Anderson (neighbour ward councillor; Ms Sonia Harrison (objector) and Mr Andy Frost (agent).




For the reasons set out in the report, update report and verbal update at the meeting the application be APPROVED subject to the removal of the holding condition from the Environment Agency, the completion of the Section 111/Section 106 agreement to secure:





Strategic green and common areas including the Local Wildlife site - strategy, management and maintenance plans


Commencement of development

Strategic green and common areas including the Local Wildlife site – provision and transfer to management company


Prior to disposal of 1000th unit

Off-site ecological mitigation


Lump sum prior to commencement and then maintenance sum annually

Education (primary/secondary/SEN)


50% prior to Commencement of a unit then 50% prior to occupation of 300th unit

Education – provision of school site


Prior to commencement of dwellings

Village Hall/village centre/employment uses-provision of


Prior to disposal of 1000th unit

Affordable Housing


Sale or let of 50% market houses

Highway Improvement Works


Prior to occupation of 300 unites

Highways – Hall Moss Lane


Prior to commencement of development

Highways – Poynton bypass


Occupation of the 150th unit

Highways – Bus Services


Occupation of the 50th unit

Highways – Handforth P&R


Occupation of the 100th unit

Highways – Pathways and cycleways


Commencement of development

Highways – Travel Plan monitoring


Commencement of development

Public Open Space in housing area – provision of


Occupation of 50% units in phase

Public Open Space in housing areas – Transfer to management company and maintenance in perpetuity


Occupation of 75% units in phase

Allotments/Community Orchard – Provision and transfer to management company


Prior to disposal of 750th unit

Indoor and outdoor sports facilities


50% prior to occupation of any Units and 50% prior to occupation of 750th unit

Healthcare – Handforth


Prior to occupation of any units


and the following conditions:




1          Time Limit – submission of reserved matter (5 years)

2          Approval of reserve matters – all reserved

3          Approved Plans – Location and parameter plans

4          Approve Accommodation Schedule

5          Compliance with the EIA (& Addendum) and mitigation

6          No commencement until approved initial primary works complete

7          Approval of phasing plan

8          Development to comply with housing densities identified in the Indicative Masterplan

9          Compliance with Public Rights of Way and 20-Year Walking Route Code

10       Approval of signage for pedestrians and cyclists, to include timings

11       Programme of archaeological work to be agreed

12       No works on the main development site to take place within 100m of the Diary House Farm (Listed Building) site prior to the completion of the stabilisation/repair works

13       Future development of the designs for the site, coding and development going forward, must adhere to the Heritage Design principles and Fixed Parameters: Heritage Plan

14       The design parameters set out in the Heritage Assessment which relate to the listed buildings shall be taken forward to create a guide

15       All Reserved Matters application to be supported by an Arboricultural Impact Assessment

16       Management plan for works for trees identified as being or having the potential to be a veteran tree.

17       Scheme for the provision of community allotments and community orchards to be approved

18       A detailed Strategic Green Infrastructure and Landscape Strategy document to be submitted (for Strategic GI within IPW Area, Strategic GI within the Outline Application Area & Landscape within Development Parcels) in accordance with the guidance set out in the Spatial Design Code Addendum rev J.

19        Landscaping for each phase to be approved

20        Approval of boundary treatment for each phase

21        Levels/contours

22        Details of play areas and equipment

23        Landscape implementation

24        Submission of Habitat Creation and Landscape and Habitat Management Plan (for both full permission and future reserved matters applications).

25        Submission of detailed designs including proposed locations for the proposed on-site wildlife ponds. Wildlife ponds not to form part of the SUDS for the development.

26        Measures for safeguarding the retained ecological habitats across the site during the construction and demolition process

27        Bird nesting season

28        Provision of proposals for the interpretation of the retained Local Wildlife Site.

29        Updated protected species surveys and mitigation method statements and biodiversity metrix calculations prior to commencement for each phase.

30        Method Statement of Amphibian Reasonable Avoidance Measures for that approved phase

31        A Protected Species Survey and Impact Statement shall support all reserved matters applications.

32        Approval of Lighting Scheme for each phase to minimise impacts upon foraging bats

33        Detailed proposals of compensatory hedgerow planting to be provided to address impacts of any hedgerow lost to the scheme.

34        Proposals for the management of public access into the retained Local Wildlife Site

35        Agreement of scheme entered into Great Crested District Level Licence scheme

36        For each phase incorporation of features, including swift brick/boxes, to enhance on-site biodiversity to be approved

37        Phase II Ground Investigations and Risk Assessments for each phase

38        Verification Report required for each phase

39        Approval of a proposal for restricted access from footpaths in the open space and ecological areas along the western boundary with the A34

40        Soils shall be pre-tested for contamination and verified for suitability for use

41        Unexpected contamination

42        No infiltration of surface water drainage into the ground where adverse concentrations of land contamination are known or suspected

43        Site-wide Surface Water Drainage Scheme to be approved

44        For each phase a Drainage Management Plan to be approved

45        Scheme for Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS)

46        Foul and surface water shall be drained on separate systems.

47        Grampian – off site works before occupation of any of the houses

48        The Primary Infrastructure Works, and other associated highway infrastructure shall be implemented in accordance the approved Works Phasing Plan (i.e.: Before First Occupation) and retained for the life of the development.

49        The construction of the approved off-site park and ride facility at Handforth shall be completed prior to the occupation of 150 dwellings on site.

50        The bus service(s) to link the development with Handforth district centre and Wilmslow town centre shall be operational prior to the occupation of 100 dwellings on site and remain operational for a minimum of 7 years.

51        Access Strategy for Dairy House Lane to be agreed

52        The submitted Travel Plan Framework, which is hereby approved, shall be implemented in accordance with the submitted timetable

53        Ultra-Low Emission Boilers for each phase

54        Electric Vehicle Infrastructure plan for each phase/use

55        Covered and secure space/s for cycles, where appropriate throughout the development

56        Noise insulation measures to achieve BS 8233

57        Approval required for any plant/equipment on premises

58        Approval of opening hours for all commercial, industrial, and retail premises

59        Approval of external lighting

60        Approval of kitchen extraction equipment

61        Demonstrate compliance with Nationally Described Space Standards

62        Character Area Design Codes to be approved for each phase

63        Code Compliance Statements shall accompany all reserved matters applications

64        Manchester Airport – Aerodrome Safeguarding – reflective surfaces

65        Manchester Airport – Aerodrome Safeguarding - Wildlife Hazard Management Plan for each phase

66        Manchester Airport – Aerodrome Safeguarding – approval of onsite and offsite ecological mitigation works (?)

67        Approval of external materials/finishes

68        Approval of site-wide Sustainable Waste Management Strategy for each phase

69        Removal of PD Rights

70        Approval of CEMP for each phase. To include hours of construction, piling and dust management, and to ensure there are no impacts on the retained on- site Local Wildlife Site, Hall Wood Handforth and River Dean Banks Local Wildlife Site, on-site stream, and ponds.

71        Approval of Construction Traffic Management Plan (CTMP)

72        No development on any parcel/phase prior to completion of a s106/s111 agreement

73        20mph across the whole site, by design or TRO




1          Three year time limit

2          Approved plans

3          Compliance with mitigation measures set out in the Environmental Statement

4          Approval of Phasing Plan for the development of the Initial Primary Works

5          Approval of detailed scheme for any works to the track/public right of way (FP127) where it links between the new bridge over the A34 (to the east) and Hall Road (to the west)

6          Tree protection

7          Construction Specification / Method Statement (Trees)

8          Submission of Habitat Creation and Landscape and Habitat Management Plan (for both full permission and future reserved matters applications).

9          Submission of detailed design for wildlife underpasses, (the ‘Eco-Bridge’ (underneath the access road/high street taken from the Coppice Way/A34 roundabout) & ‘Ecological Tunnel’ (underneath the access road taken from the A34 Dumbbell junction where it crosses the retained Local Wildlife Site)

10        A Remedial Options Appraisal & Remediation Strategy to be approved

11        Prior to the commencement of the approved Primary Infrastructure Works, a Works Phasing Plan shall be submitted to and approved

12        Notwithstanding the submitted plans levels for the Country Park to be agreed

13        Notwithstanding the submitted plans details of landscaping of the Country Park to be agreed

14        Notwithstanding the submitted plans landscaping details of the A34 Bridge and details/finishes of the bridge design.

15        Detailed Landscape and Planting Scheme to be agreed

16        Approval of boundary treatment

17        Scheme for the provision of community allotments and community orchards to be approved

18        Programme of archaeological work to be agreed



In the event of any changes being needed to the wording of the Committee’s decision (such as to delete, vary or add conditions/informatives/planning obligations or reasons for approval/refusal) prior to the decision being issued, the Head of Planning has delegated authority to do so in consultation with the Chairman of the Strategic Planning Committee, provided that the changes do not exceed the substantive nature of the Committee’s decision.




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