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21/5724C-Outline planning permission for the construction of employment floorspace up to 94,761sq.m (1,020,000 sq.ft) for use within Use Classes B2, B8 and ancillary Use Class E(g) of the Use Classes Order (as amended), including detailed approval of means of access at Radway Green Road, Land Off, Radway Green Road, Radway Green for Tilstone Radway Limited

To consider the above application.


Consideration was given to the above application.


(Councillor S Edgar, the Ward Councillor, Councillor P Williams, the adjacent Ward Councillor, Parish Councillor J Cornell, representing Weston and Basford Parish Council, Sue Helliwell, an objector and Jeremy Hinds, the agent for the applicant attended the meeting and spoke in respect of the application).




That for the reasons set out in the report and in the written update to the Board, the application be delegated to the Head of Planning in consultation with the Chair of the Strategic Planning Board to approve subject to clarification of the biodiversity net gain / ecological mitigation scheme, subject to the provision of a S106 agreement securing a £507k highway contribution works along the A500 corridor and travel plan / monitoring and subject to the following conditions:-

1. Standard Outline 1

2. Standard Outline 2

3. Standard Outline 3

4. Approved Plans

5. Implementation of the approved Landscaping Buffer

6. Implementation of noise mitigation measures

7. Details of piling methods

8. Details of dust suppression measures

9. Details of floor floating

10. Details of electric vehicle charging points

11. Reporting of any contamination not previously identified

12. No development shall take place within the area indicated until the applicant, or their agents or successors in title, has secured the implementation of a programme of archaeological work in accordance with a written scheme of investigation

13. Any reserved matters application shall include a Public Rights of Way scheme of management to be submitted and approved by the Local Planning Authority in liaison with the Public Rights of Way team as the Highway Authority

14. Site access roundabout to constructed and operational prior to occupation

15. Prior to Occupation an Internal road link to be provided to link to Phase 1 development 20/3382N.

16. Ghost right turn lane – Junction of Radway Green Rd Barthomley/ B5078 prior to commencement

17. Signage at the Junction of Radway Green Rd Barthomley/ B5078 to indicate no through HGV traffic prior to commencement

18. Prior to occupation the Pedestrian and Cycle signage to use the internal road network of the site to be submitted and approved by the LPA.

19. Prior to occupation a 3m shared pedestrian/Cycle path to be constructed on the eastern side from the BAE access to the junction of Crewe Rd/Butterton Lane

20. Updated bat survey is support of any future reserved matters application

21. Any future reserved matters application to include proposals for the creation of wildlife ponds to compensate for any ponds lost to the development

22. Any future reserved matters application to be supported by an updated badger survey and mitigation strategy. Mitigation measures to be informed by mitigation proposals submitted in support of the outline application.

23. Submission of Biodiversity CEMP

24. Offsite habitat creation to achieve Biodiversity Net Gain (secured by legal agreement once metric agreed)

25. On site habitat creation method statement, 30 year habitat management plan and monitoring strategy

26. Reserved matters application to be supported by strategy for the incorporation of features to enhance the biodiversity value of the development (bat and bird boxes etc).

27. Maximum building height

28. The reserved matters application and subsequent phasing shall be supported by an Arboricultural Impact Assessment in accordance with para 5.4 of BS5837:2012 Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition and Construction – Recommendations which shall include a Tree Protection (TPP) and Arboricultural Method Statement (AMS).

29. Details of levels to be provided

30. Drainage Strategy to be provided

31. Reserved matters to include modelling of water courses

32. Construction & Environment Management Plan to include traffic routing and signage.

33. Establishment of a local Liaison group with Parish/Town Councils.

34. Scheme for 10% renewable energy.

In addition it was requested that an informative be included in respect of a request for innovative design features such as green walls, solar panels and green travel plan.

In order to give proper effect to the Board`s intent and without changing the substance of its decision, authority is delegated to the Head of Planning in consultation with the Chair (or in their absence the Vice Chair) to correct any technical slip or omission in the resolution, before issue of the decision notice.

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