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Day Opportunities Flexible Purchasing System

To consider a report seeking approval of the development of a Flexible Purchasing System for Day Opportunities in Cheshire East.




The committee received a report which sought approval to establish a bespoke flexible purchasing system for the future procurement of day opportunities provision for adults in Cheshire East.


The current model for day care services was predominantly building based and It was recognised that one size would not fit all. The flexible purchasing system would operate as a common, shared market place for all external day opportunities placements and would seek to develop a high quality and diverse range of provision in the borough. The range of provisions would be divided in to three areas, building based, community based and employment skills and training. The system would be co-produced to ensure that the services provided would meet the needs of residents in Cheshire East.


The committee heard about the benefits of the system which included

-       Effectiveness of market shaping and management;

-       Consistency of core specification and clarity of position in respect of expectations regarding outcomes;

-       More choice for individuals;

-       Transparency and challenge, where appropriate, surrounding value for money;

-       A more streamlined process for placement finding and contract management.


Comments and questions were received from members in relation to the following


·         The flexibility of the tripartite system was welcomed;

·         A proper link up with an improved day care provision but not at the expense of those carers who require a break would be welcomed;

·         Members would like to see how this would link with Children’s services and the transition stage in to adulthood;

·         Sought assurance that those within rural areas would have the same access as those within urban areas;

·         Understood that there was a need to close some services and the reasons for the delay in reopening of these during the pandemic, but that it needed to be recognised that should something similar occur in the future certain groups of people may require a different type of intervention.

·         How would individuals who require specific services be dealt with by those larger providers who may not be as flexible as those smaller providers.


Members raised concerns in respect of whether the timeline was appropriate,  the reality of how changing the current system would work and sought assurance in respect of terms and conditions if several providers were in competition with each other.


It was proposed and seconded that the recommendations in the report be approved, subject to

·         the amendments made to the wording in recommendation 3.3 of the report as highlighted below;

·         In respect of those concerns listed above a further recommendation be included that a report to be brought back to the Adults and Health Committee detailing the progress of the Flexible Purchasing System.


RESOLVED (unanimously) that:


(1)         Approve the development of a Flexible Purchasing System for Day Opportunities in Cheshire East.

(2)         Agree to delegate authority to invite providers for admission onto the Flexible Purchasing System Agreement to the Executive Director – Adults, Health and Integration.

(3)         Agree that a report will be presented to the committee at a date to be agreed detailing the progress of the Flexible Purchasing System following the admission of providers to the framework.



The committee adjourned for a short break.

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