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21/4440C Outline application with details of access (details of appearance, landscaping, layout, and scale are reserved for future determination) for the erection of flexible Use Class B2/B8 employment units (including ancillary offices), vehicle and pedestrian access, parking, landscaping and associated works, Land to the west of Viking Way, Congleton for Mr Adam Scott

To consider the above application.



Consideration was given to the above application.




That for the reasons set out in the report and in the written and verbal update to the Board, the application be approved subject to the completion of a Section 106 Agreement securing the following:-


1.         Congleton Link Road contribution of £287,310 based on a £30sq.m commercial development. Payable on first occupation.

2.         Bus service contribution of £150,000. Payable on first occupation.

3.         Biodiversity net gain payment based on 2.30 additional biodiversity units (a total commuted sum of £25.3k.on current figures):

·         submit an updated Biodiversity Impact Assessment (BIA) based upon the final design, layout and detailed landscaping plans to be submitted and approved by the Council with the reserved matters submission; and

·         where the BIA shows an alternative credit amount is required, for this to be calculated based on an agreed formula for the indicative masterplan (£11k per credit required) and for this to be paid to the Council prior to occupation.


And subject to the following conditions:-


  1. Commencement of development (3 years) or 2 from date of approval of reserved matters
  2. 3 year submission of reserved matters
  3. Reserved matters to be approved
  4. Approved Plans
  5. Materials
  6. Landscaping
  7. Implementation of landscaping
  8. Construction Management Plan to be submitted prior to commencement.
  9. Travel Plan to be submitted prior to occupation of the first dwelling.
  10. Off-site works for the uncontrolled pedestrian crossing point and ghost right turn lane on Viking Way.
  11. Requirement to secure the small section of ped/cycle footway on the north west corner of the site that links to the CLR.
  12. Arboricultural Impact Assessment which also considers the SUDs proposals in accordance with Sections 5.4 (BS5837:2012) and Tree protection Plan (Section 5.5 BS57837:2012).
  13. Arboricultural Method Statement (Section 6.1 BS5837:2012).
  14. A Woodland Management Plan which makes a commitment to enhancing and managing existing tree cover on the site to accord with Policy SE5 and SE3 should be provided.
  15. Any future reserved matters application to be supported by an updated protected species surveys, impact assessment and mitigation proposals.
  16. Each reserved matters application to be supported by a habitat creation method statement, habitat management plan and ecological monitoring strategy. These to be for a duration of 30 years and informed by the results of the submitted Biodiversity Net Gain Assessment..
  17. Ecological enhancement measures to be submitted with each future reserved matters application.
  18. Lighting strategy design to minimise impacts on nocturnal wildlife.
  19. Reserved matters application to be supported by proposals for the safeguarding of an undeveloped 50m buffer as shown on the submitted parameters plan. No development, including the storage of materials or levels changes to take place within this buffer unless approved in writing by the LPA.
  20. Footpaths/cycleways to be routed outside the woodland except where required to form a link to the south.
  21. Electric Vehicle Charging points (commercial).
  22. Submission of a post demolition Phase II ground contamination and risk assessment together with a remediation report.
  23. Control of soils brought onto site.
  24. Measures to address contamination should it be unexpectantly be found during works.
  25. Jodrell Bank mitigation measures.
  26. Approval of levels.
  27. Development to accord with the recommendations of the submitted flood risk assessment.
  28. Drainage strategy/design in accordance with the appropriate method of surface water drainage chosen.
  29. Foul and surface water drained on separate systems.


In the event of any changes being needed to the wording of the Board’s decision (such as to delete, vary or add conditions/informatives/planning obligations or reasons for approval/refusal) prior to the decision being issued, the Head of Planning has delegated authority to do so in consultation with the Chairman of the Strategic Planning Board, provided that the changes do not exceed the substantive nature of the Board’s decision.


(The meeting was adjourned for lunch from 12.50pm until 1.30pm.  Councillor B Murphy left the meeting and did not return).

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