Agenda item

21/1727W Proposed extension to Silica Sand Extraction with Progressive Restoration at Bent Farm Quarry, Brownlow Farm, Wallhill Lane, Congleton for David Walton, Sibelco UK Limited

To consider the above application.



Consideration was given to the above application.


(David Walton, the applicant attended the meeting and spoke in respect of the application).




That for the reasons set out in the report and in the written update to the Board the application be approved subject to the completion of a deed of variation of the Section 106 agreement attached to permission 8/08/0375/CPO to replicate the requirements of the legal agreement to the permission.


And subject to the following conditions:-


  1. Timescales for commencement and notification of commencement
  2. Approved plans and documents
  3. Copy of approved plans to be made available for inspection on site
  4. Timescales for cessation and restoration of the site
  5. Hours of operation for general mineral activities
  6. Hours of operation for noise generative activities
  7. Hours of operation for the processing plant
  8. Hours of operation for loading, unloading and movements of HGVs
  9. Vehicles arriving and leaving the site restricted to using the existing access only, and maintenance of a notice advising drivers to turn right out of the site
  10. Wheel cleaning and no deposit of material on the highway
  11. Sheeting of vehicles
  12. Restrictions on HGV numbers and timing of movements
  13. Records of vehicle movements
  14. Protection of nesting birds
  15. Advance notice of soil stripping
  16. Soil to be stripped prior to being used for extraction or associated activities and controls over the use of heavy machinery on soils
  17. Soil handling
  18. No export of soils without prior approval of the local planning authority
  19. Seeding of all soil mounds
  20. Weed control
  21. 3m height control on soil mounds
  22. No importation of waste
  23. Surveys prior to any ponds being disturbed and where necessary scheme of translocation of species
  24. Implementation of mitigation identified in the ecological impact assessment
  25. Water levels of retained ponds to be monitored throughout the life of the site
  26. Mounds to be located away from existing trees and hedgerows
  27. Limits to depth of extraction
  28. Limits on the amount of vegetation to be cleared in advance of sand extraction
  29. Colour for any new buildings, plant or machinery on site to match those on site
  30. Noise levels for normal mineral operations
  31. Noise levels for noise generative activities and limits on timescales of these activities
  32. Application of best practicable means for controlling noise on site
  33. Noise levels from processing plant
  34. Best practicable means for suppression of dust
  35. Use of water bowser
  36. Monitoring of stream flows within Dairy Brook and Loach Brook
  37. Quarterly monitoring of groundwater levels  
  38. Extension of the groundwater monitoring scheme to include the extended extraction area and increase in extraction depth
  39. No dewatering of the site below 81m AOD
  40. Compliance with the mitigation in the Flood Risk Assessment and Hydrological Impact Assessment
  41. Monitoring of water quality
  42. Surface water from plant site to be discharged into the settlement lagoon prior to discharge into a watercourse
  43. Procedures for storage of contaminants
  44. No contaminants allowed to enter any watercourse
  45. No open fires
  46. All landscape works and planted areas to be maintained and losses replaced
  47. No disturbance to any existing vegetation, waterbodies or watercourses within the site outside of the extraction areas
  48. Tree and hedgerow protection and retention
  49. Compliance with mitigation in the arboricultural assessment
  50. Maintenance of haul roads, fences and other boundary treatments
  51. Soil replacement and handling in line with technical guidelines
  52. Removal of all plant, machinery, buildings and hardstanding within 24 months of cessation of mineral extraction and restoration of the site in accordance with the approved scheme
  53. Lakes to be shaped and battered according to approved documents
  54. Bank of the lakes to be grass seeded within three months of them being formed or in the first planting season.
  55. Implementation of the restoration scheme and aftercare of the restored habitat for 5 years
  56. Provision of shower facilities


In order to give proper effect to the Board’s intentions and without changing the substance of the decision, authority is delegated to the Head of Planning, in consultation with the Chair (or in their absence the Vice Chair) of Strategic Planning Board, to correct any technical slip or omission in the wording of the resolution, between approval of the minutes and issue of the decision notice.


Should this application be the subject of an appeal, authority be delegated to the Head of Planning in consultation with the Chair (or in their absence Vice Chair) of the Strategic Planning Board to enter into a planning agreement in accordance with the S106 Town and Country Planning Act to secure the Heads of Terms for a S106 Agreement.

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