Agenda item

Recommendations from Corporate Policy Committee: Interim Review of the Committee System

To consider the recommendations from the Corporate Policy Committee.


Consideration was given to the report to Council and the recommendations from the Corporate Policy Committee, which met on 4 November 2021, in relation to the interim review of the Committee.

During debate an amendment was proposed to the Constitution Appendix relating to Public Speaking in the Procedure Rules (Chapter 3 – Part 1: Section 2, page 31) to amend paragraph 1 to read:

There will a period of up to 30 minutes for public questions at meetings of the full Council.”  

The amendment was moved and seconded. The mover and seconder of the recommendations from Corporate Policy Committee to Council agreed to accept the amendment and therefore the amendment became part of the substantive proposition.


RESOLVED:  That Council


1             note the current and comparative data and the commentary so far.


2             note the proposals for delivery of further constitutional reform through the Constitution Working Group, supported by the Brighter Future Transformation Programme.


3             agree the revisions to the Constitution as set out in Appendix 4 to the Report, the additional changes to the Constitution reported at the Corporate Policy Committee on 4 November 2021, and the amendment to the Public Speaking Appendix in the Procedural Rules.


4             Require a further review to be provide to the Council and annually thereafter.

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