Agenda item

20/3762N-Residential development for 146 new build dwellings & associated works, Land Off Sydney Road, Crewe for Andrew Taylor, David Wilson Homes/Duchy of Lancaster

To consider the above application.


Consideration was given to the above application.


(Councillor S Edgar, the Ward Councillor, Councillor H Faddes, the adjoining Ward Councillor, Professor G Lee-Treweek, an objector and Andrew Taylor, the applicant attended the meeting and spoke in respect of the application).




That the application be approved subject to the completion of a Section 106 Agreement securing the following:-




Affordable Housing


30% of total dwellings to be prided

(65% Affordable Rent / 35% Intermediate)



No more than 80% open market occupied prior to affordable provision within each phase.  (dependent on agreement of Affordable Housing Statement)  


Biodiversity Net Gain - Off site Ecological Mitigation


Commuted sum toward off- site habitat creation to be delivered in conjunction with a third party.


-       To offset the 5.91 habitat units.

-       To offset the 0.42 hedgerow units.


Prior to commencement

Open Space

Management Scheme for POS, play area and landscaped areas


Provision of enhanced LEAP and POS 



Prior to occupation 




Prior to the occupation of  no more than 50 % of the dwellings

Indoor Sport



£26,650 towards Crewe Lifestyle Centre

Prior to commencement

Recreation & Outdoor Sports Contribution


£1,000 per family (2+bed) dwelling and £500 per 2+ bed apartment. 

Prior to commencement




Total - £699,856

Primary - £282,003 towards the expansion at Hungerford Academy.

Secondary -  £326,853  towards mitigation measure as local schools are forecast to be cumulatively oversubscribed

SEN £91,000 - Due to significant shortage of SEN placements across the Borough.



50% Prior to first occupation

50% at occupation of 75th  dwelling




£146,664towards the cost of providing a new healthcare facility(s) and/or the improvement/upgrading of an existing healthcare facility.  



50% Prior to first occupation

50% at occupation of 75th  dwelling


And subject to the following conditions:-


1. Commencement of development (3 years)

2. Development in accordance with approved plans 

3. Details of materials and finishes 

4. Details of Surfacing materials

5. Details of Levels

6. Submission and approval of Landscaping scheme

7. Implementation of landscaping scheme 

8. Design detail, specification and implementation of play area 

9. Submission of Landscape Management Plan

10. Details of Boundary treatment and retaining structures  

11. Tree Protection

12. Details of lighting – minimise impact on bats

13. Safeguarding of nesting birds

14.  Development in accordance with Ecological Assessment Version 2

Submission of strategy to secure features to enhance biodiversity   

15. Details of surface water drainage scheme to be submitted, approved and implemented

16. Development in accordance with Flood Risk Assessment (FRA)

17. Provision of Toucan crossing

18. Implementation of improvements to cycleway/footways to also refer to the submission of a scheme for  the improvement of the footway on the western side of Sydney Road and for the provision of wayfinder signage for bus stops adjacent to the site access

19. Provision of Electric Vehicle infrastructure

20. Provision of Ultra Low Emission Boilers

21. Contaminated Land – Remedial scheme to be carried out in accordance with Enabling Works Remediation Strategy  

22. Contaminated land – works to stop if any unexpected contamination is discovered on site

23. Contaminated land - imported soil

24. Implementation of noise mitigation 

25. Submission, approval, and implementation of a Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP)

26. Details of cycle storage  

27. Details of Bin Stores

28. Detailed scheme to secure southern parking courts

29. Removal of permitted development rights (Part 1 Classes A-E)


In order to give proper effect to the Strategic Planning Board’s intent and without changing the substance of its decision, authority is delegated to the Head of Planning in consultation with the Chair (or in their absence the Vice Chair) to correct any technical slip or omission in the resolution, before issue of the decision notice.


(Prior to consideration of the following item, the meeting was adjourned for a short break).

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