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20/4747M-Hybrid Application comprising of; a) Full application for the Demolition of Kilburn House, Lovelace House and Brooker House to create "Town Square" and landscaped areas and an extension to Furber House to create additional Food & Beverage / support space; facade upgrades to Turing House, Babbage House and Furber House; retrospective application for installation of generators, installation of roof mounted air handing units; creation of a new security lodge; removal of a visitor car park; creation of new public realm; internal highways improvements; landscaping and other associated works; and b) Outline planning permission (including matters of Access, Scale and Layout) for the erection of new office floorspace (Use Class B1a) including employee wellness facilities and associated works, Radbroke Hall, Stocks Lane, Over Peover, Knutsford for Barclays Bank PLC

To consider the above application.


Consideration was given to the above application.


(Parish Councillor Kathy Doyle, representing Peover Superior Parish Council, Cheflord Parish Council, Ollerton with Marthall Parish Council and Snelson Parish Council, Ron Coghill, representing the applicant and Harry Bolton, the agent for the applicant attended the virtual meeting and spoke in respect of the application).




That for the reasons set out in the report and in the verbal update to the Board, the application be approved subject to the completion of a Section 106 agreement in consultation with the Chairman and Vice Chairman regarding the travel plan and securing the following:-





Highways – Off-site improvement works


Prior to commencement

Highways – Monitoring of Staff Travel Plan and submission/approval of revised Travel Plan


Prior to commencement


And subject to the following conditions:-


1.    Time (Phase 1)

2.    Time (Phase 2)

3.    Submission of reserved matters to include scale (Phase 2)

4.    Reserved Matters application made within 3 years (Phase 2)

5.    Plans (For each phase, including phasing plan)

6.    Prior Submission/approval of CEMP to include a) appropriate routes for construction (Highways) b) measures to prevent bird attraction (Manchester Airport) and c) measures to ensure that the construction works (including construction traffic) do not adversely impact upon the listed buildings (Heritage) (Each Phase)

7.    No increase in Parking Spaces hereby approved

8.    Submission/approval of facing, roofing and hard surfacing materials (Phase 1)

9.    Submission of facing, roofing and hard surfacing materials with Reserved Matters (Phase 2)

10. Submission/approval of an updated soft landscaping scheme and planting plan to include; a) the habitat creation detailed in the submitted Biodiversity Net Gain Assessment, b) tree loss mitigation (Phase 1) and c) updated design of proposed ‘kitchen garden’ informed by understanding of Radbroke Hall Site

11. Landscape implementation (Phase 1)

12. Submission/approval of levels details (Phase 1)

13. Submission/approval of a finalised tree removals and retention plan (Phase 1)

14. Submission/approval of a tree protection plan (Phase 1)

15. Submission/approval of an arboricultural method statement (Phase 1)

16.  Submission/approval of an engineer designed surface locations and specification (Phase 1)

17. Implementation of Great Crested Newt Method statement

18. Implementation of Bat Mitigation

19. Implementation of Bluebell mitigation statement

20. Submission/approval of external lighting details (Each Phase)

21. Existing ponds excluded from SUDS

22. Nesting birds (Each Phase)

23. Submission/approval of Ecological Enhancement Strategy

24. Submission/approval of a 30 year habitat management plan

25. Provision of electric vehicle charging infrastructure

26. Submission/approval of a Phase II contaminated land report

27. Submission/approval of a contaminated land verification report

28. Submission/approval of a soil verification report

29. Works should stop if contamination is identified

30. Submission/approval of an overall detailed strategy/design limiting surface water run-off and an associated management/maintenance plan

31. Development shall be carried out in accordance with the submitted FRA, Outline Drainage Strategy and SUDS strategy

32. Submission/approval of a surface water drainage scheme (Phase 1)

33. Surface water drainage scheme shall be submitted with Reserved Matters (Phase 2)

34. Foul and surface water - drained on separate systems

35. Submission/approval of a sustainable drainage management and maintenance plan (Phase 1)

36. Sustainable drainage management and maintenance plan shall be submitted with Reserved Matters (Phase 2)

37. Submission/approval of a Public Rights of Way Management Scheme

38. Line of the PROW be marked out

39. Submission/approval of pre-commencement and post-completion PROW condition surveys

40. Log to be retained on site which collates the daily levels of staff and vehicles on site to be updated monthly and to be made available on request

41. Establishment of a Liaison Committee with representatives from Barclays Bank, the local Parish Councils and Cheshire East Council


In order to give proper effect to the Strategic Planning Board’s intent and without changing the substance of its decision, authority is delegated to the Head of Planning in consultation with the Chairman (or in their absence the Vice Chairman) to correct any technical slip or omission in the resolution, before issue of the decision notice.

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