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19/2178N-Outline planning approval for the development of up to 850 residential units (Use Class C3), land reserved for new primary school, a local centre (Use Class A1-A4, AA, B1a, C3 and D1) and associated infrastructure and open space, Land off Minshull New Road and Flowers Lane, Leighton for Bloor Homes and Galifford Try Partnership

To consider the above application.


Consideration was given to the above application.




That for the reasons set out in the report and in the written and verbal update to the Board, the application be approved subject to the completion of a Section 106 Agreement securing the following:-





Affordable Housing


10% (65% Affordable Rent / 35% Intermediate)


In accordance with phasing plan to be submitted at the reserved matters



No more than 80% open market

occupied prior to affordable

provision in each phase.




£708,850 and a of provision of a serviced

site for a school

50% upon first occupation

remainder upon 25% occupation





50% paid upon commencement of development and the

remaining 50% paid upon

completion of 90% of the dwellings.

Indoor recreation



On first occupation

Outdoor recreation


Private Management Co.

On first occupation

Public Open Space


Private Management Co.

On first occupation

Highways contribution

Towards NWCP

£5,500 per dwelling


(£5,500 x 850 units =


1/3 on 1st occupation

1/3 at 300th unit;

1/3 at 600th unit.

but in any event all of the

commuted sum to be paid by a fixed point/date in the development

Highways contribution to Leighton Hospital Cycle



On first occupation

Travel Plan monitoring


On first occupation

S106 contributions

 subject to overage



To ensure additional profits

over and above those

expected are captured


And subject to the following conditions:-


  1. Outline – matters to be reserved
  2. Outline – timescales
  3. Approved plans
  4. Phasing plan
  5. Materials
  6. Landscaping
  7. Landscape implementation
  8. Submission of an AIA at reserved matters stage to include an updated hedgerow impact assessment
  9. Tree/hedgerow protection plan
  10. Development to be carried out in accordance with the approved FRA
  11. Submission of a detailed strategy/design limiting surface water runoff
  12. Surface water rates and outfall locations to be agreed
  13. Foul and surface water on separate systems
  14. Implementation of the NW Crewe Package before first occupation
  15. Implementation of highways infrastructure prior to occupation
  16. Provision of pedestrian links N & S of Flowers Lane
  17. Future RM application to provide unimpeded access to adjacent development to the south
  18. Construction/Environmental Management plan
  19. Travel plan
  20. Public Rights of Way Management Scheme and signage to be agreed
  21. Requirement to submit a noise impact assessment (NIA) inclusive of vibration at reserved matters.
  22. Details of any proposed external flood lighting to be submitted
  23. Electric vehicle infrastructure
  24. Ultra Low Emission Boilers
  25. Phase II ground investigation
  26. Verification report
  27. Soils assessment
  28. Unexpected contamination
  29. Reserved matters applications to be supported by an updated badger and barn owl survey and mitigation strategy.
  30. Submission of a wildlife friendly lighting scheme with reserved matters applications.
  31. Submission of a detailed strategy for the delivery and 25 year management of the habitat creation measures detailed on the submitted Ecological Mitigation Plan (drawing reference G7362.020A prepared by TEP) with the relevant reserved matters application. The strategy to include compensatory hedgerow planting for any hedgerows lost.
  32. Each reserved matters application to be supported by proposals for the incorporation of features including, bird (swift, house sparrow) and bat boxes, hedgehog domes, brash and log piles, gaps in garden fences for hedgehog and native species planting,
  33. Submission and implementation of 25 year habitat management plan with any subsequent reserved matters application.
  34. Retention of all trees with bat roost potential unless otherwise agreed by the Council at the reserved matters a stage.
  35. Archaeology
  36. Levels
  37. Restriction on uses/floor-space in local centre
  38. Urban design coding submitted as part of RM submission in line with the Cheshire East Design Guide.


In the event of any changes being needed to the wording of the Board’s decision (such as to delete, vary or add conditions/informatives/planning obligations or reasons for approval/refusal) prior to the decision being issued, the Head of Planning has delegated authority to do so in consultation with the Chairman of the Strategic Planning Board, provided that the changes do not exceed the substantive nature of the Board’s decision.

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