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20/1709N - A500 NEWCASTLE ROAD, BARTHOMLEY: Dualling of the existing 3.3km stretch of the A500 between Junction 16 & Meremoor Moss Roundabout (Resubmission of planning permission ref. 18/3766N including proposed amendments to the approved design)

To consider the above planning application.


Consideration was given to the above application.


(Councillor Mary Addison, the Ward Councillor, Parish Councillor Teresa Clerk, Chairman of Barthomley Parish Council, Parish Councillor John Cornell, representing Weston and Basford and Weston Parish Council, and Andrew Marginson, representing the applicant attended the virtual meeting and spoke in respect of the application).




That the application be delegated to Head of Planning in consultation with the Chairman of Strategic Planning Board to approve subject to confirming the final amount of biodiversity off-setting with Ecology officers.


And subject to referral to the Secretary of State.


And subject to the following conditions:-


1.         Time limit

2.         Plans

3.         Materials

4.         Drainage strategy

5.         Contaminated land

6.         Remediation strategy

7.         Verification report

8.         Ongoing contamination

9.         Foundation Design / Piling

10.       Management scheme of the PROW

11.       Landscaping scheme provided

12.       Landscaping scheme implementation

13.       Tree Protection measures

14.       Retention of existing trees/shrubs

15.       Detailed tree felling / pruning specification 

16.       Programme of archaeological work

17.       Full design and construction details of any required improvements to M6 junction 16

18.       Carried out in accordance with the Flood Risk Assessment

19.       Construction Management Plan

20.       Wildlife friendly lighting scheme

21.       Implementation of the proposed ecology scheme/measures in accordance with the Environmental Master Plans included with the Addendum ES.

22.       Submission of a traffic management plan

23.       Liaison Committee with Parishes to be established for construction phase

24. Submission of ecological mitigation and compensation method statement, informed by the ES produced in support of the application, which includes:

Ø  Construction mitigation method statement is respect of safeguarding of the Town House Farm Wetland and Monneley Meadows Potential Local Wildlife Sites

Ø  Habitat creation method statement for species rich and marshy grassland.

Ø  Specification for the re-establishment of in channel vegetation in the watercourses affected by the proposed development.

Ø  Water vole mitigation and compensation strategy including de-culverting works and detailed design for habitat creation.

Ø  Submission of detailed mitigation method statement of the removal of trees supporting bat roosts.

Ø  Detailed design of new wildlife ponds.

Ø  Timing of works to safeguard nesting birds

Ø  Pre-commencement badger survey and submission of resided mitigation strategy.

Ø  Detailed design for culverts to maximise permeability by wildlife including bats, water vole and otter.

Ø  Submission of Construction Environmental Management plan to include: dust mitigation measures, restriction of working hours to avoid night time working, appointment of an on-site ecological clerk of works.

Ø  Provision of Wych Elm as a food plant for White Letter hairstreak

Ø  Inclusion of planting of larger specimen trees on southern side of carriageway at Bat Crossing Point 5 to form bat hop over.

Ø  Detailed planting specification for delivery of tall woodland planting where the road is at grade or within an embankment to function as a deterrent to low flying barn owls and for bat hop overs.


Ø  Submission and implementation of a 25 year habitat management plan and ecological monitoring strategy. For the avoidance of doubt this plan to include management to the Town House Farm Wetland Potential Local Wildlife Site.

Ø  Wildlife friendly lighting scheme (as above).

Ø  Implementation of the scheme in accordance with the Environmental Master Plans (Rev. 3 dated 4th August 2020).


In addition it was requested that an informative be included reference FP4 to divert under the existing footpath.


In the event of any changes being needed to the wording of the Board's decision (such as to delete, vary or add Conditions/informatives/planning obligations or reasons for approval/refusal) prior to the decision being issued, the Head of Development Management has delegated authority to do so in consultation with the Chairman of the Strategic Planning Board, provided that the changes do not exceed the substantive nature of the Board's decision.


(During consideration of the application, Councillor A Farrall left the virtual meeting and did not return.  Prior to consideration of the following item, Councillor M Hunter vacated the Chair and Councillor S Gardiner took over as Chairman for the remainder of the virtual meeting).

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