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19/3162C - Land South of, Waggs Road, Congleton, Cheshire: Outline planning application for the erection of up to 98 dwellings with public open space, landscaping, and sustainable drainage system (SuDS) and vehicular access point from Waggs Road. Footpath and carriageway improvements along Waggs Road fronting properties between 75 and 89 Waggs Road. All matters reserved except for means of access for Gladman

To consider the above application.


Consideration was given to the above application.


(Councillor S Holland, the Ward Councillor, Town Councillor Amanda Martin, representing Congleton Town Council and Neil MacKrell, an objector attended the meeting and spoke in respect of the application).




That the application be refused for the following reasons:-


1)         The proposed residential development is unsustainable because it is located within the Open Countryside contrary to Policies PG6 (Open Countryside) & SD1 (Sustainable Development in Cheshire East) of the Cheshire East Local Plan Strategy, Saved Policy PS8 (Open Countryside) of the Congleton Borough Local Plan and the principles of the National Planning Policy Framework, which seek to ensure development is directed to the right location and open countryside is protected from inappropriate development and maintained for future generations enjoyment and use.


2)         The proposal would not provide safe and suitable access for all users and the lack of suitable footways and cycle tracks would create conflict with vehicles due to the reduced carriageway widths on Waggs Road. It is therefore concluded that there is inadequate infrastructure in place to support further major residential development as safe and suitable access has not been demonstrated. The development is therefore contrary to Policies SD1 (Sustainable Development in Cheshire East), SD2 (Sustainable Development Principles), SC3 (Health and Well-being), C01 (Sustainable Travel and Transport), C04 (Travel Plans and Transport Assessments) of the Cheshire East Local Plan, Saved Policies GR9, GR10 and GR18 (Traffic Generation) of the Congleton Borough Local Plan and the requirements of the NPPF


In order to give proper effect to the Board`s/Committee’s intentions and without changing the substance of the decision, authority is delegated to the Acting Head of Planning in consultation with the Chair (or in his absence the Vice Chair) of Strategic Planning Board, to correct any technical slip or omission in the wording of the resolution, between approval of the minutes and issue of the decision notice.


Should the application be subject to an appeal, the following Heads of Terms should be secured as part of any S106 Agreement:





Affordable Housing



(65% Affordable Rent / 35% Intermediate)


In accordance with phasing plan to be submitted and approved





Contribution to support the development of the Readsmore Medical Centre using a formula of occupancy x the number of units in the development x £360.


50% Prior to first occupation

50% at occupation of half the eventual number of dwellings (for e.g. if 98 provision at occupation of 49th dwelling)

Public Open Space


Provision of 20m2 amenity green space per dwelling


Provision of 20m2 children’s play space per dwelling


Provision of a community allotment/orchard measuring



Contribution of £1,000 per family dwelling for improvements to outdoor sports


Contribution towards indoor sport using the below formula


-           Number of dwellings at 1.61 people per residence = the population increase

-           The annual Sport England Active People Survey Results for 2016 showed 42.7% participation rate for Cheshire East = % based on the above figures additional “active population” due to the new development at Waggs Road, Congleton

-           Based on an industry average of 25 users per piece of health & fitness equipment this equates to an additional equivalent ? stations or their financial equivalent (one fitness station equivalent of £6,500).


50% Prior to first occupation

50% at occupation of half the eventual number of dwellings (for e.g. if 98 provision at occupation of 49th dwelling)


Contribution to support school provision using the below formula:


18 x £11,919 x 0.91 = £195,233

15 x £17,959 x 0.91 = £245,140

1 x £50,000 x 0.91 = £45,500 (SEN)


50% Prior to first occupation

50% at occupation of half the eventual number of dwellings (for e.g. if 98 provision at occupation of 49th dwelling)



(Prior to consideration of the following item, Councillor S Hogben left the meeting and did not return).

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