Agenda item

Recommendation from Cabinet: Medium Term Financial Strategy 2020-24

To consider the recommendations of Cabinet.


Note: The report on this item has been circulated as a separate document to all members of the Council. Members are asked to bring their copy to the meeting.



Cabinet, at its meeting on 4 February 2020, had considered a report presenting the Medium-Term Financial Strategy for Cheshire East Council for the years 2020/21 to 2023/24. The report set out how the Council would approach the financial challenges over the medium term and forecast a balanced budget for 2020/21.


Cabinet had recommended to Council the items in Appendix A to the report, along with the two amendment proposed at the Cabinet meeting by the Leader of the Conservative Group, as amendments to the Medium Term Financial Strategy 2020-2024 for inclusion in the Capital Addendum. 


The recommendation from Cabinet was proposed and seconded.  Following debate, and in accordance with legislation, a recorded vote was carried out in respect of this item, with the following results:



Councillors Q Abel, J Barber, L Braithwaite, S Brookfield, C Browne, C Bulman, P Butterill, S Carter, S Corcoran, L Crane, A Critchley, D Edwardes, B Evans, H Faddes, A Farrall, K Flavell, T Fox, M Goodwin, S Handley, S Hogben, M Houston, M Hunter, D Jefferay, L Jeuda, I Macfarlane, N Mannion, D Marren, A Moran, B Murphy, J Nicholas, J Parry, S Pochin, B Puddicombe, J Rhodes, L Roberts, J Smith, A Stott, R Vernon and M Warren.






Councillors  M Addison, R Bailey, M Beanland, M Benson, D Brown, J Buckley, B Burkhill, J Clowes, S Davies, T Dean, S Edgar, JP Findlow, R Fletcher, A Gage, S Gardiner, P Groves, G Hayes, S Holland, A Kolker, C Leach, A Martin, D Murphy, K Parkinson, P Redstone, J Saunders, M Simon, L Smetham, D Stockton, L Wardlaw, J Weatherill, P Williams, J Wray and N Wylie.


The motion was declared carried with 39 votes for, 0 against and 33 not voting.




 That Council approves:-


1          The Revenue estimates for the 2020/21 budget and the medium term Capital Programme estimates 2020-24, as detailed in the Medium Term Financial Strategy Report (MTFS) 2020-24 (Appendix C to the report).


2          Band D Council Tax of £1,503.98 representing an increase of 3.99%. This being below the referendum limit (including 2% ringfenced for Adult Social Care) and arises from the provisional finance settlement (Appendix C, Section 2 to the report).


3          The 2020/21 non-ring-fenced Specific Grants, and that any amendments to particular grants will be reported to Council if further information is received from Government Departments or other funding bodies (Appendix C, Annex 8 to the report).


4          The 2020/21 Capital Grants, and that any amendments to particular grants be reported to Council if further information is received from Government Departments or other funding bodies (Appendix C, Annex 9 to the report).


5          The relevant Portfolio Holder to agree the use of additional Specific Grants received in conjunction with the Finance Portfolio Holder as further updates to the 2020/21 funding position are received.


6          The recommended Prudential Indicators for Capital Financing (Appendix C, Annex 11 to the report).


7          The Portfolio Holder for Children and Families to agree any necessary amendment to the 2020/21 Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG) of £139m and the associated policy proposals, in the light of further information received from DfE, pupil number changes, further academy transfers and the actual balance brought forward from 2019/20 (Appendix C, Annex 8 to the report).


8          The recommended Capital Strategy (Appendix C, Annex 11 to the report).


9          The recommended Treasury Management Strategy (Appendix C, Annex 12 to the report).


10        The recommended Investment Strategy; including the financial limits for various classifications of investment, and the investment decision making process set out in the Strategy (Appendix C, Annex 13 to the report)


11        The recommended Reserves Strategy (Appendix C, Annex 14 to the report).


12        The recommended financial limits to be included within the Council’s Finance Procedure Rules (Appendix C, Annex 15 to the report).


13        The two amendments proposed at Cabinet by the Conservative Group Leader in relation to utilising Council-owned land for the creation of new car parking facilities on Macon Way, near Crewe Station; and the second relating to the creation of new assisted living accommodation and support for adults with additional needs on existing sites in the Borough; these to be included in the Capital Addendum.


That Council recognises that Cabinet has noted:


14        The Budget Engagement exercise undertaken by the Council, as set out in Appendix C, Annex 2 to the report.


15        The results of the Budget Consultation (Appendix B to the report).


16        The comments of the Council’s Section 151 Officer, contained within the MTFS Report, regarding the robustness of estimates and level of reserves held by the Council based on these budget proposals (Appendix C to the report, Comment from the Section 151 Officer).

Supporting documents: