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Outside Organisations Sub-Committee

This page lists the meetings for Outside Organisations Sub-Committee.


Information about Outside Organisations Sub-Committee

The Sub-Committee, which will meet on an ad hoc basis, will be   responsible for the following:


(a)         Managing its own programme of work;

(b)         Making recommendations, as and when appropriate to the Constitution Committee;

(c)         Overseeing all appointments  to Category 2 outside organisations, addressing any issues emerging in respect of those appointments;

(d)         Reviewing representation to inform the appointments process for the next round of appointments [which take effect from the new Council in 2015];

(e)         Considering new requests for representation, and assessing the appropriateness of including those organisations onto the schedule of  approved organisations;

(f)           Subject to the outcome of (e) above, make recommendations to the Cabinet in respect of any outside organisation deemed to be a Category 1; and make recommendations to the Constitution Committee in respect of Category 2 organisations;

(g)         Reviewing, as and when appropriate, the Legal Guidance for Members Appointed to Outside Organisations;

(h)         Conduct comprehensive reviews of representation, as and when  appropriate, to establish the appropriateness of representation;

(i)           Make recommendations to the Senior Member Development Officer in respect of training for Members representing the Council on outside organisations.