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Audit and Governance Committee

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Information about Audit and Governance Committee

1.    The Audit and Governance Committee is a key component of the Council’s corporate governance.  It provides an independent and high-level focus on the audit, assurance and reporting arrangements that underpin good governance and financial standards.

2.    It provides an independent assurance to the Council of the adequacy of the risk management framework and the internal control environment.

3.    It provides independent review of the Council’s governance, risk management and control frameworks and oversees the financial reporting and annual governance processes.

4.    It oversees internal audit and external audit, helping to ensure efficient and effective assurance arrangements are in place.

5.    It promotes high standards of ethical behaviour by developing, maintaining and monitoring Codes of Conduct for Members of the Council (including co-opted Members and other persons acting in a similar capacity).

The detailed functions in respect of governance, risk and control; internal audit; external audit; financial reporting; accountability arrangements; related functions and standards arrangements can be found in the Council’s constitution elsewhere on this website.