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Third Financial Review 2023/24 (

Meeting: 25/01/2024 - Highways and Transport Committee (Item 26)

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To consider a report on the third review of the Cheshire East Council forecast outturn for the financial year 2023/24.

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The Committee received the report which provided the third review of the Cheshire East Council forecast outturn for the financial year 2023/24. Committee Members were asked to consider the serious financial challenges being experienced and recognise the important activities being undertaken to minimise the impact on services.


Members noted the difficult financial pressures facing the Council and that the Highways and Infrastructure Service had a gross pressure of £2.2m.


In response to questions raised in relation to the Lane Rental Scheme, it was noted that the Council had been initiating benchmarking with other relevant authorities that had put together proposals and delivered upon such schemes. This was to be able to understand the extent of the work, any constraints and whatever information necessary to put forward a positive case. The Council would have to develop a package on which they wished to consult, prior to the scheme and demonstrate that Cheshire East could manage such a scheme. The Council would then seek approval of the proposals. The purpose of the lane rental scheme was to encourage statutory undertakers to take on their duties on the roads when there was less traffic - and charge those who wished to carry out their work at peak times, so it would be important to be cautious on income potential.


A detailed report would be submitted to the Highways and Transport Committee in April 2024 which would provide further details on the process and timescales.




The Highways and Transport Committee:


1.    Notes the report of the Finance Sub Committee: Finance Sub Committee, 11th January, 2024.

2.    Notes the factors leading to a forecast Net Revenue financial underspend of £0.2m against a revised budget of £11.2m (1.8%), for Highways and Transport Committee services.

3.    Notes the forecast and the need for further mitigations to be identified.

4.    Notes the in-year forecast Capital Spending of £68.1m against an approved MTFS budget of £63.9m, in respect of Highways and Transport Committee projects.

5.    Notes the contents of Annex 1 and Appendix 6 and note that any financial mitigation decisions requiring approval will be made in line with relevant delegations.