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2022/23 Financial Update

Meeting: 30/03/2023 - Environment and Communities Committee (Item 71)

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To receive the financial update for the year 2022/23.

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The committee received the report which set out the financial update for the year 2022/23.


A request was made for future financial reports to contain more detail for individual committees instead of the overview which was received by the Finance Sub-Committee in order for Members to better understand and scrutinise the committee’s budget. The committee were advised that this request would be taken back to the Finance team to look into and that consideration was being given to finance training for Members.




That the Environment and Communities Committee:


1.    Notes the report of the Finance Sub-Committee:

(Agenda for Finance Sub-Committee on Wednesday, 8th March, 2023, 2.00 pm | Cheshire East Council) specifically the recommendations of that committee.


1.1  Finance Sub-Committee recommend Service Committees to:


1.1.1    note the financial update and forecast outturn relevant to their terms of reference.

1.1.2    note the delegated decisions relating to supplementary revenue estimates for specific grants coded directly to services in accordance with Financial Procedure Rules as detailed in Appendix 5, Section 2, Table 2.


2.    Notes Appendix 5 and the following sections specific to this Committee:

·         Changes to Revenue budget 2022/23

·         Corporate Grants Register

·         Debt Management

·         Capital Strategy

·         Reserve Strategy