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Greenway Crossing of the River Dane

Meeting: 26/01/2023 - Highways and Transport Committee (Item 47)

47 The Congleton Greenway - River Dane Bridge and Multi-user path pdf icon PDF 175 KB

To consider a report which provides an update on the delivery of a new pedestrian and cycle bridge crossing over the River Dane.

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Consideration was given to the report which set out the feasibility work undertaken to date by the Council to deliver a new pedestrian and cycle bridge over the River Dane, Congleton. The report provided an update on the estimated costs, funding assumptions and constraints of delivering a new pedestrian and cycle bridge crossing of the river Dane. The report sought approval to put on hold any immediate plans to develop this Scheme and to continue to investigate future funding options.

Members requested:

  1. Assurance that developer contributions that already exist and those that come forward in the future are ring-fenced for the project.
  2. A future update is provided to the Committee on the funding position going forward.


RESOLVED (by majority):

  1. Highways and Transport Committee approve that further project development of the Scheme is put on hold until a viable delivery strategy for the Scheme is established.
  2. Highways and Transport Committee notes that:
    1. A further report will be brought back to Committee to decide on the future of the Scheme if a viable delivery strategy can be established.
    2. A planning obligation associated with a development on the western side of the river will provide the Connecting Route between the Scheme and the western side of the river as per the planning conditions associated with Planning consent 20/5760C.
    3. That the Connecting Route cannot be constructed to a fully accessible standard, be provided with Street Lighting, or meet the current requirements for Cycling Infrastructure as defined in national guidelines.
    4. The latest delivery cost estimate at this stage of development for the Scheme is now £5.3M, including an allowance for inflation, at an expected construction date of 2026.
    5. That this revised cost envelope means that the Scheme is now not able to be funded through the Council’s own local resources (including developer contributions) and that funding would now need to include an external funding contribution.

Councillor Suzie Akers-Smith left the meeting at this point.