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Update from NHS Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group

Meeting: 21/03/2022 - Scrutiny Committee (Item 30)

Update from NHS Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group

To receive an update from the Accountable Officer (and newly appointed Assistant Chief Executive of the Integrated Care Board) ahead of the imminent implementation of the Cheshire and Merseyside Integrated Care Board.



Clare Watson attended the meeting via Microsoft Teams in her current role as Accountable Officer of the Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), and acknowledged her new role moving forwards would be the Deputy Chief Executive Officer at the Integrated Care Board (ICB).

The Committee were advised that the current priorities were the safe and legal closure of the CCGs notwithstanding the ongoing statutory and year-end responsibilities for 2022/23.

The CCG had made a commitment to ensuring an evergreen offer in respect of Covid-19 vaccinations.  Figures showed over 870,000 people vaccinated across Cheshire East and whilst the unvaccinated figures were 20%, this was still relatively low given the large number of those vaccinated.  The CCG maintained a priority to offer vaccination and were targeting engagement and communication including:

·         Working with Local Authorities and Cheshire and Wirral Partnership (CWP) on roving models and pop-up clinics;

·         Invitations for those eligible for fourth dose vaccinations and roll out of the autumn booster programme;

·         A focus on engagement with families over the summer holidays.

Flu Vaccination,

Cheshire is top of the Cheshire and Merseyside league table for flu vaccinations.  Whilst flu had not been prevalent in last couple of years it was still important to vaccinate and plan for future campaigns.  Pregnant women were a cohort with lower than expected vaccinations for both flu and covid-19.

The CCG reported a balanced outturn for the current financial year.

The Committee were particularly interested in vaccine-hesitancy and motivation to move people towards vaccination.  The Accountable Officer advised that targeted community work in those areas with lower uptake was being carried out.  The Committee requested further information and facts on vaccine-hesitancy at a ward level to assist Members in their role as Community Champions.



That the Accountable Officer be thanked for her presentation and update to the Committee.