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External Audit Progress and Update Report

Meeting: 29/09/2022 - Audit and Governance Committee (Item 39)

39 External Audit Progress and Update Report pdf icon PDF 390 KB

To receive an update report on the external audit progress.


Muhammed Uzair Khan, the External Auditor presented the report to the Committee, he advised that Section 1 concentrated on delivering responsibilities and Section 2 was for information and included national publications.

Mazars were unable to offer an audit opinion on the Progress report for 2021/22, because the national evaluation issue (previously identified that related to the value of infrastructure assets) was still an ongoing issue.

The initial planning work had been completed on the 2021/22 financial statements and had been presented to the July meeting, there was no change to the risk assessment since issuing the memorandum.


That the External Audit Progress and Update Report be received and noted.


Meeting: 10/03/2022 - Audit and Governance Committee (Item 70)

External Audit Progress and Update Report

To receive a verbal update on the External Audit Progress.


Muhammed Uzair Khan, External Auditor from Mazars attended the meeting via Microsoft Teams and updated the Committee on the report and update.


The Committee were advised that a national evaluation issue had been identified that related to the value of infrastructure assets.  Two major suppliers had communicated to their clients intention to pause sign-off on all local authority audit reports and opinions until this issue could be resolved.  Mazars took the same approach with Cheshire East, risk was minimal and should not have a material impact on service delivery, however it could affect the amount the council value assets.  


The Committee thanked the External Auditor and Alex Thompson, Director of Finance and Customer Services and Section 151 Officer for their responses to this issue, and noted that the valuation point of assets are always a point in time and never fluid.




That the verbal update be received and noted.