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Crewe Community Governance Review - Interim Arrangements

Meeting: 25/02/2013 - Community Governance Review Sub-Committee (Item 80)

80 Crewe Community Governance Review - Interim Arrangements pdf icon PDF 505 KB

To receive updates on the following matters:


1.    Transfer of Assets from Cheshire East Council – Allotments / Public Conveniences


2.    Arrangements for the annual Meeting of the Crewe Parish Council (Draft list of agenda items attached)


3.    Historic and Ceremonial Regalia and Property of the Charter Trustees (Report of Democratic Services Team Manager attached)


Additional documents:


1.    Transfer of assets


Members were informed that the Chief Executive had appointed the Democratic and Registration Services Manager to project manage the transfer of assets (allotments and public conveniences) to the parish council. This would involve the production of a communications plan in the first instance, and the publication of any public notices required.




That the report be noted.


2.    Arrangements for the annual meeting of Crewe Parish Council


Members considered a draft agenda for the Annual Meeting of Crewe Parish Council. It dealt with such matters as the election of Chairman, appointment of a temporary clerk, the transfer of assets, the adoption of standing orders, the appointment of committees, training of councillors and various administrative and financial arrangements.




That the draft agenda be approved subject to Item 11 – consideration of the designation of Crewe Parish Council as Crewe Town Council – being moved to Item 2, to follow the election of a Chairman, and it being made clear under Item 1 that if such designation were approved, the title of Chairman would be replaced with the title of Mayor.


3.    Historic and ceremonial regalia and property of the Charter Trustees


Members considered a report of the Borough Solicitor on the ongoing negotiations with the Crewe Charter Trustees concerning the historic and ceremonial regalia  and property of the former Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council.


The Asset Management Team had commissioned inventories of the Municipal Buildings, Crewe. Officers from Democratic Services had attempted to reach provisional agreement with the Crewe Charter Trustees as to what property would become the property of the Trustees. At their meeting on 17th January 2013, the Charter Trustees had passed a resolution identifying the property they wished to claim. Arrangements were being made for the Portfolio Holder for Corporate Policy to confirm the property to be transferred. It was hoped that the regalia, once transferred, would remain in the Municipal Buildings. This would be a matter for discussion between Cheshire East Council and the new parish council.


Cheshire East Council would need to determine the responsibility for the insurance and care of historic and ceremonial regalia and property that remained in its possession.




That the report be noted.