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HS2 Update and Crewe Levelling Up Fund Bid

23/06/2022 - Levelling Up Fund Bids for Nantwich Road, Crewe Station

Consideration was given to a report on the Council’s approach to developing Levelling Up Fund bids for Crewe which sought the Committee’s support to prepare round 2 constituency and LTA bids in order to bring forward the Nantwich Road enhancement schemes, linked to the Crewe Hub.


Members welcomed the bids coming forward.  It was considered that the plans would improve accessibility to Crewe station for cycling and public transport as well as being a key component in providing a better link between Crewe station and the town centre. 


Concerns were raised that Cheshire East was considered a priority three by central government for levelling up when there were areas within Crewe that were in the top 10% of the country for deprivation.  Representations had been made by officers to redetermine the priority allocated but had not been heeded by government which was felt to be disappointing. 


It was commented that the Council needed to have future business cases ready to be submitted when further funding became available, in particular the business case regarding the access between Crewe town centre and grand junction retail park.


RESOLVED (Unanimously)


1.That the Director of Highways and Infrastructure be authorised to submit both a constituency and Local Transport Authority Round 2 Levelling Up Bid for the Nantwich Road enhancement schemes.

2.That it be noted a local financial contribution of at least 10% of the estimated scheme costs would be required for each bid that was successful.