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Pedestrian safety at junction of A50/A54 Holmes Chapel

We the undersigned petition the council to Provide safe crossing points for pedestrians, preferably controlled by lights, at the A50 London Road / A54 Chester-Station Road junction. This is particularly important given the plan to replace the existing traffic lights at the junction with a roundabout in the near future.

Both the A54 and A50 are very busy roads, especially on weekday ‘drive times’ (people going to/from work and to/from the schools) and when there are problems on the M6, with many HGVs negotiating the junction (due to the 7.5t weight limit through the centre of the village). There is currently only one safe, pedestrian controlled, crossing on the north side of the junction; there are no safe crossing points on the other three sides, making it hazardous for pedestrians crossing the road - especially crossing Chester Road, where visibility of traffic travelling north on London Road into Chester Road is extremely poor. In addition, there is no proper footpath on the south side of Chester Road is not wide enough to allow safe crossing of the road further west of the junction, when coming from the south side of London Road.

The plan to replace the existing traffic lights with a roundabout will make the situation much worse, as there will be no enforced breaks in traffic flow, meaning that pedestrians will have to take a chance crossing the road (hoping that drivers will give way). Additionally, with new housing estates being built in and close to the village (e.g. the Bloor Homes development on London Road) the number of pedestrians wanting to cross the junction, in order to get to the village centre, will increase.

It is essential that there is a mechanism to force drivers to stop and give way, particularly on the north east and west sides of the junction. This must not be sacrificed to maintain unbroken traffic flow.

This ePetition ran from 15/02/2018 to 31/03/2018 and has now finished.

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