Committee details

Audit and Governance Committee

Purpose of committee

The Audit and Governance Committee is responsible for:


  1. overseeing the Council’s role and responsibilities in respect of Corporate Governance and Audit;
  2. developing a Code of Corporate Governance and to undertake as appropriate an assessment of wider governance issues;
  3. supporting the Council’s audit function, both internal and external;
  4. ensuring the Council has in place appropriate policies and mechanisms to safeguard the Council’s resources and test value for money;
  5. supporting the Chief Financial Officer in relation to the performance of their duties;
  6. approving any Council Statement of Accounts as may be required by the relevant Account and Audit Regulations;
  7. ensuring any Council’s Risk Management arrangements are operating effectively;
  8. where necessary, overseeing and agreeing the arrangements for Members to be indemnified for and insured against risks and liabilities arising from the performance of their duties as Members of the Council, and as the Council’s representatives on outside bodies;
  9. considering the Head of Internal Audit’s annual report and opinion and a summary of internal audit activity and the level of assurance over corporate governance arrangements;
  10. receiving the Internal Audit Plan and summary reports on performance against the plan;
  11. reviewing and approving the Annual Governance Statement;
  12. seeking assurance that customer complaint arrangements are robust;
  13. reviewing and making recommendations upon the whistle blowing arrangements process;
  14. considering external audit and other external agencies reports to those charged with governance as a source of assurance;
  15. ensuring that the Council maintains a robust counter fraud culture via the implementation of an anti fraud and corruption policy and strategy.
  16. submitting an annual report to the Council.



Contact information

Support officer: Cherry Foreman. Democratic Services Officer

Postal address:
Middlewich Road
CW11 1HZ

Phone: 01270 686463